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Rebates for Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Save money in the kitchen! By using inefficient kitchen equipment you may be pouring money down the drain. Upgrading to energy-efficient commercial kitchen equipment can help you:

  • reduce operating costs and increase profits
  • improve your kitchen’s overall efficiency
  • reduce your environmental impact

Efficient equipment can pay for itself in the first two to three years through rebates and lower utility bills.

The Commercial Kitchen Equipment Rebate program operates in collaboration with Puget Sound Energy, Snohomish PUD, Tacoma Power, Seattle City Light, Cascade Natural Gas and cooperating water utilities. To learn more, click on Participation Process.


Snohomish PUD's non-residential customers who purchase and install qualified equipment in a facility using electricity supplied by the PUD.

For natural gas equipment, PSE may offer additional rebates for qualified equipment. Additionally, some water utilities also give rebates for qualified dishwashers in addition to the rebate from the PUD.


Rebates vary depending on equipment type (as of 8/1/16):

Project Type Rebate Amount
Ice Makers $100-$300
Hot Food Equipment:
    Combi-Ovens $1,000-$4,500 NEW REBATES!
    Convection Ovens $500-$2,000
    Electric Deck Oven $1500 NEW!
    Electric Griddles $200-$600 NEW!
    Fryers $250-$400 NEW REBATES!
    Hot Food Holding Cabinets $100-$250 NEW!
    Steam Cookers $750 per pan
Commercial Dishwashers $150-$1,500
Demand Controlled Kitchen Ventilation $200 - $400 NEW!

Amounts may change without notice. Funding may be limited by the PUD’s conservation budget. The PUD reserves the right to inspect installations for compliance prior to payment. 

Getting Started

Click on Participation Process to learn more about point of sale distributors, or if you have already purchased equipment for how to submit your application.

Looking for more money savings ideas? We offer incentives for:

Didn’t find your unique project type? The PUD offers custom incentives for walk-in coolers, demand control in hood systems (DCKV), or other savings opportunities.