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Clean Buildings resources

We’re here to help your building meet the Clean Buildings for Washington standard beginning in 2026. Have any questions? Email

Beginning in 2026, a new state energy performance standard, Clean Buildings for Washington (HB1257), will require all commercial buildings 50,000 s.f. and greater to meet Washington state specific energy use intensity targets (EUIt).

In order to help our customers understand where their facilities stack up, we are providing assistance to cover the costs of facility benchmarking and auditing services. With these reports, facility managers can prioritize opportunities and implement energy-efficiency projects to reduce energy use where buildings don’t meet the new requirement.

Three simple steps to help your building meet the new standards

  1. Check to see if the new requirements apply to you on the Department of Commerce website
  2. Create your Energy Star Portfolio Manager Account
  3. Link your MySnoPUD account to the Energy Star Portfolio Manager Account. Here’s how.

Get assistance with facilities benchmarking and auditing

Through December 2021, the PUD will pay:

  • $0.05/s.f. of conditioned space
  • Up to 70% of cost (up to 100% for all-electric fuel buildings)
  • $15,000 cap per building (subject to available funding)


  • Commercial buildings in PUD service territory with 50,000 s.f. or greater of conditioned space, including hotels and motels
  • Commercial buildings required to comply with the new standards
  • Buildings must have their own utility meter(s)
  • Follow Energy Star guidelines for COVID-19 baseline operational adjustments

Please note, multi-family buildings and buildings under campus meters are not eligible.


  • Pre-authorization is required
  • Audit and data entry completed within 3 months of authorization by a qualified energy management professional
  • Completion of Energy Star Benchmarking process, including creating a Portfolio Manager Account and obtaining the following reports:
    • Energy Star Score Card
    • Progress and Goals Report
    • Data Verification Checklist
    • Signed Statement of Energy Performance (SEP) by the Qualified Energy Management Professional
  • Provide a detailed building audit that includes a minimum of 3 energy-efficiency opportunities, each with a description of the existing electrical equipment operation, performance, and estimated energy savings
  • Invoice for the Benchmarking and Audit

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