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Construction & remodeling

Get help with new or existing construction within Snohomish County and Camano Island for your electric and water service.

Where to start

ELECTRIC SERVICE: To install a new or change an existing electrical service, please fill out the appropriate application form. It is vital that you use the correct form below and fill it out completely. This includes the required sections of Electrical Service Entrance and Electrical Load Information that is used to determine transformer size and fees for your project.

For single-family homes, garages and those adding an ADU:

For commercial projects, apartments, townhouses, condos and shared well services:

Complete one for each building, house meter or irrigation/sign meter

For plats (5 or more residential lots):

For area lighting:

WATER SERVICE: For a new water connection, please view our Water Service installation information here.

Additional Information

Standards, guides & requirements

Current construction standards, guides and forms defining builder responsibilities and utility installation requirements
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Safety reviews

Power line, electric meter and service disconnects, power safety
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Plat engineering

Define scope, costs and timelines for your plat project (5 or more lots) while also managing technical engineering related to the design of a plat.
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Meter verification

Requirements for proper identification and labeling of meters, including a form to request verification by the PUD before transferring to new owner.
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Contact Construction Team

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PUD rebates for new construction

If you're looking to build, energy-efficiency incentives may be available.
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