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Meter verification

Service identification & meter labeling

Permanent Identification shall be described as properly installed phenolic labeling for those pieces of equipment that correspond to the premise being served.

Multi-unit meter base installations, and other areas such as commercial buildings with meters and equipment installed on building walls in an alley or on the back walls of a strip mall, where there may be confusion of which premise is served by which meter must be permanently identified with phenolic labeling in compliance with the following requirements.

The account will remain in the owner’s name until the units have been verified.

Material and Format of Labels

  • Engraved phenolic labels shall be used.
  • Labels shall have plain block letters or numbers with a contrasting background.
  • Block letters shall be ¼ inch (6mm) in height unless specifically required to be larger by the PUD.

Information on Labels

  • Labels shall clearly indicate corresponding unit served by each meter.

Placement of Labels

  • Labels will not be placed such that they obscure any information printed or labeled on the equipment.
  • Position the label so that it is readily visible and that it is obvious what equipment the label describes.

Attachment of Labels

  • Labels shall be smoothly attached to the metering equipment with no overlaps, protrusions or sharp edges and corners.
  • Labels shall be applied in a craftsperson-like manner and never applied over existing phenolic labels.
  • Labels may have self-adhesive backs to aid in installation, but each label shall have at least 2 holes (larger labels shall have at least 4) and be secured to the piece of equipment with appropriate sized pop-rivets or screws to keep the label from being unintentionally removed. All labels shall be installed and secured with pop-rivets or screws before they will be accepted by the District. Use caution when drilling and installing pop rivets or screws to avoid accidental contact with conductors.

The following businesses are known suppliers of phenolic labels:

Everett Everett Stamp Works 425-258-6747
Everett Awards of Praise 425-339-2285
Lynnwood Awards Service, Inc. 425-774-6462
Marysville Marysville Awards 360-653-4811
Mountlake Terrace C & M Trophy 425-775-3605

Other businesses may be listed in the phone book yellow pages under the classifications “Engraving,” “Trophies,” or “Plaques.”

Please use the form below if you have completed the steps required for meter verification. Upon receipt, the PUD will schedule a representative to inspect to make sure all requirements have been successfully met. Once we have completed this process, the service will be transferred to the new party at that service address.

Meter verification form

Owner name