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PUD sample billing statement

  1. The top portion of the bill (also known as the bill stub) tears off at the perforation and is to be included with your payment. By enclosing the bill stub, you provide the information we need to process your payment efficiently and make sure that your payment is posted to your account.
  2. The portion of the statement below the perforation is for you to keep with your records. Below your name and account number is a space for messages. Check here for important information about your account or messages about special programs. This portion of the bill statement also shows your previous meter reading and the most recent meter reading so you can see how much electricity or water you used during the billing period. You’ll also see the rate at which you are being charged for electricity or water, the resulting cost, the taxes that are added to your bill, and any other charges that are included in this billing.
  3. This area of the bill stub indicates the current amount owing and the payment due date.
  4. This area will show your previous balance owing at the end of that bill period and any payments you have made since that date. The current charges are the next item referenced, and the bottom line is the amount currently owing. (Customers who are on a Payment Plan will see details about that plan on the right side of the statement and actual Account Activity on the left side of the statement in this area.)