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Budget Payment Plan

Our Budget Payment Plan is designed to make bill paying easier, with equal payments each month throughout the year.

How it works

The Budget Payment Plan doesn’t reduce the amount you will pay; it simply makes your payments about the same all year long. As a result, it will be easier for you to budget for utility expenses and you’ll avoid large energy bills caused by higher winter consumption.

Under the Budget Payment Plan, we look at your past usage, estimate the amount of electricity you’ll use next year, calculate what your total annual bill should be, and divide that amount by twelve. The result is your monthly payment amount. That billing shouldn’t change for a year, unless the estimate is significantly different than your actual use. Then, when the year has ended, we’ll recalculate the payment to account for the money we owe you or you owe us.

Also at the end of each year, your account is evaluated and a new monthly payment amount is calculated based on the previous year’s usage and the account balance at the time. Consequently, monthly payment amounts may vary from one year to the next, based on changes in the weather and energy use. If rates increase, an adjustment to your Budget Payment Plan amount may be made at the time when the rate increase becomes effective.


The Budget Payment Plan is available at any time of the year to residential customers with a zero balance. After enrolling in the Budget Payment Plan, most customers can expect to see the Budget Payment amount reflected on their next PUD billing invoice.

How to apply

You may apply for our payment plan by phone or in person at any of our PUD offices. Our customer service representatives are available to quote a monthly payment for you or answer any additional questions you may have about the plan. Just call our Customer Service Department: 425-783-1000.