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About my bill

Thank you for being a PUD customer. We strive to make resources available if you need assistance in any way. If you have questions, reach out to Customer Service at 425-783-1000.

Rates & fees

View PUD electric and water rates. Learn about our rate structure, service fees and security deposits.
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Meter reading

Learn about electric and water meters, avoid an estimated read by submitting a photo, plus important facts about meter accessibility and more.
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My billing statement

View a sample of a billing statement and see what makes up the bill.
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Winter bills

When temperatures fall, bills can rise because heating systems kick on. Learn how dialing down can help you save.
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Customer rights

View your rights as a PUD customer.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive an estimated PUD bill?

When hazardous conditions exist, such as periods of heavy snow and/or ice storms, the PUD may not be able to safely access your meter. Other unusual circumstances may also prevent a meter reading. These are generally infrequent and affect a small number of customers scheduled for readings.

In other cases such as inaccessible yards with locked gates or other barriers, including dogs that don’t permit entry, it may be difficult to read your meter. In such cases, the PUD will contact you about access for future meter readings. If the utility cannot access your meter, it must estimate your electricity usage. The PUD’s billing system calculates your estimated electricity consumption based on previous usage.

Once the PUD gains access to your meter, an adjustment will be made to your bill, if necessary, to either credit your account for an overestimate or add charges for a previous underestimate.

How can very cold weather and fierce storms affect my PUD bill?

Colder-than-normal winter temperatures can impact your bills when compared to the same period the year before. Cold temperatures generally cause people to use more power to heat and keep their home warm, resulting in higher bills. You might never touch your thermostat setting, but your heating system will turn on more often to keep that temperature setting when it’s very cold outside. While this is more pronounced in electrically heated homes, some customers with natural gas may still see increased costs due to electric water heaters and furnace fans.

The hazardous winter weather may also delay PUD meter readers from reaching your meter. In those cases, your meter may be read later and results in more days in that one-month billing period, and fewer days in the next.