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Resources for property managers

This program allows property owner/managers to submit Applications for Service for their tenants online.

To begin, you must be an owner/manager of a property in the PUD’s service area (Snohomish County and Camano Island) and have ALL of the following:

  • An active Owner Agent Agreement with the PUD;
  • An account number AND an owner agent agreement number. (Any of your account numbers and owner agent numbers are acceptable.);
  • The service address, unit number and start date;
  • Your resident information, including a valid Social Security Number (SSN). Applications will be rejected if the primary account holder’s identity cannot be validated with the SSN provided.
  • Click the button below to get started

Go to the Online Application for Service/Manager Reports >

POP-UP BLOCKER WARNING: If your browser blocks pop-up boxes, you may need to hold the control key down when clicking on the button above to access the program.

If you would like more information about processing online applications, please call Online Support at 425-783-8020. Any other questions should be directed to Customer Service at 425-783-1000. (Both phone numbers are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., except holidays).

Account Numbers are located in the upper-right hand corner of your billing statement. If you do not know your owner agent agreement number or you need to set up a new Owner Agent Agreement, you may call Customer Service at 425-783-1000.

Frequently asked questions

Who can use this online application program?

Apartment owner/managers of properties within Snohomish County PUD’s service area who have an active owner agent agreement with the PUD may submit applications for electrical service through this program. Because the applications are submitted via the Internet, you must have a computer, Internet access and a valid email address for notification when the application has been received, accepted or rejected.

How do I log on?

To log on, select the button link for Online Application for Service/Manager Reports. Enter your active owner agent agreement number and account number on the Required Info screen. Select Log In. The New Application for Service screen appears. Click “NEXT” button.

Why must I have an active Owner Agent Agreement?

An active owner agent number is one of the security measures to identify you and your properties.

Why must I log on with Owner Agent Agreement and account numbers?

You will log on at the PUD’s site using an active owner agent agreement number and your account number. This security measure identifies you, allows you access to the program and displays all of your owner agent properties.

Where can I find my account and Owner Agent Agreement numbers?

Account numbers are listed on your billing statement, in the upper right hand corner. You may obtain an Owner Agent Agreement number by calling PUD Customer Service, Monday through Friday except holidays, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., 425-783-8020.

Is the information I send secure?

Yes. The PUD uses Internet communication methods that ensure the safety of the data transmitted.

Why does the PUD application request a Social Security Number?

Sections 114 and 315 of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003 (“FACT Act”) require each financial institution and creditor to implement a written Identify Theft Prevention Program to prevent, detect and mitigate identify theft in connection with covered accounts. The PUD uses Social Security Numbers (SSN) to validate the identity of customers who open accounts online, by fax or over the telephone. Customer SSNs are maintained in a secure environment. Customers wishing to use other government-issued photo identification are welcome to apply for service in person at a local PUD office.

What are the benefits of submitting applications for service on line instead of by FAX?

  • The process allows apartment managers to track the status of applications and view occupancy status on their properties.
  • It streamlines the application process for the utility, reducing processing time and paper files.
  • It allows for better coordination of records between the apartment manager and the PUD.
  • Increases accuracy since legibility is enhanced.

Why don’t you need a customer signature to process the online application?

You will retain your copy of the Tenant Information form, with each responsible party’s signature(s), in his/her file. These signatures, acknowledging each tenant accepts responsibility for the billings, are required to submit an application on line. When completed and signed by the customer, this form provides you with all the information needed to submit the application.

What if the power is off in the unit?

If the power is currently off in the unit, an application for service submitted online will not restore power. Please call the PUD’s Customer Service Department, Monday – Friday except holidays, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., 425-783-1000.

Who do I call if I have questions/problems/comments?

Please call our Online Support at 425-783-8020, Monday-Friday except holidays, 8 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. if you need help with online applications. This phone number is for Owner/Managers only. Any other questions go to Customer Service at 425-783-1000, Monday through Friday, except holidays, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

I received a session timeout error message. What does that mean?

The program will “time-out” and require that you log back on if you stop for a prolonged period of time while entering data. Standard online web applications will time-out after 15 minutes of no activity.

Why do I see units/addresses for other apartment complexes?

Properties are listed by owner. If an owner has multiple properties covered on the owner agent agreement, all of those properties appear after logging on. For your convenience you may sort the list by various methods (House Number, Street Name/Number, City or Unit). This enables you to view the property/units in the order you choose.

How is an application for service online submitted for a business entity (example: Generic Corporate Housing)?

At this time, applications are accepted for individuals only. We hope to include business entities in this program in the future. Please call our Customer Service Department with any questions, Monday through Friday (except holidays), 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., 425-783-1000.

Can I use this program to close a tenant’s account?

You may request to close a tenant’s previous account only if you are submitting a new application for service and the tenant is requesting that the account at his/her previous address be closed. The PUD has a Notice of Service Change form, which can be emailed to or faxed to 425-267-6160. This form notifies PUD to start or stop owner responsibility for service. This will not start service for a new tenant but will put service in the owner’s name between tenants, reducing the risk of disconnection.