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Directly support the production of renewable energy

Even though the PUD’s electricity is already 95% carbon-free, each REC you purchase certifies that 1,000 kWh of carbon-free energy is being sent to the grid. Through Carbon Solutions, Snohomish PUD customers can purchase Renewable Energy Credits for $4.50 / REC.

Carbon Solutions frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of enrolling in the Carbon Solutions program?

By purchasing a unit – or renewable energy credit – of Carbon Solutions, customers help ensure 1,000 kWh of renewable energy is delivered to the grid, which increases the competitiveness of clean energy resources compared to fossil fuels. The program is an easy solution for businesses or residents interested in supporting renewable energy development in the Pacific Northwest.

Can I make a one-time purchase?

Yes, customers may make a one-time purchase. The minimum amount for a one-time purchase is 5 RECs ($22.50).

Are there other clean energy sources Carbon Solutions supports?

The sources of RECs purchased through Carbon Solutions are primarily from solar and wind generators.  RECs from geothermal and biogas generators may also be included depending on the level of customer participation and product availability.

What sites does Carbon Solutions support?

In addition to various wind and solar projects in the western US, your purchase of Carbon Solutions RECs supports these sites.

Rockland Wind Farm

  • Became operational on November 1, 2011
  • Located in American Falls, Idaho
  • Lat/Long (42.674722, -112.901944)
  • Current operating capacity is 79.2MW (44 turbines)

Horse Butte Wind Farm

  • Became operational on August 1, 2012
  • Located in Iona, Idaho
  • Lat/Long (43.3864, -111.7264)
  • Current operating capacity is 57.6MW (32 turbines)


Why would I want to purchase RECs if 95% of the PUD’s energy supply is carbon-free?

Yes, 95% of the PUD’s energy supply is carbon-free. However, throughout the Pacific Northwest there still are other carbon-based energy resources that generate electricity. People may want to help move the region away from these resources by supporting the growing renewable energy industry through Carbon Solutions. Businesses also may have sustainability goals that Carbon Solutions can help them achieve.

Since the renewable energy sites are outside the PUD’s service area how does the utility and its customers benefit?

While the projects aren’t located in Snohomish County, this program benefits the entire region. Carbon Solutions gives customers a way of helping the Pacific Northwest move away from carbon-based energy by supporting wind and solar projects.

Are the RECs certified?

Yes, the Carbon Solutions RECs are certified consistent with requirements set by Green-e® Energy Certification. This certification ensures that each REC is only issued once for the megawatt-hour of electricity generated by the specified facility. The supplier of the REC also has an annual audit of its REC transactions performed by a qualified, independent auditor, based on the criteria set forth by the Green-e® Energy Certification Program.

If I sign up, will it be difficult to cancel my participation in Carbon Solutions if I decide to do that later?

No, it is easy. Simply call the PUD Customer Service Department at 425-783-1000.