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Environment July 18, 2022

Helping Infarm achieve its 100% green energy goal

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Helping Infarm achieve its 100% green energy goal

And the answer is… Carbon Solutions

If your company’s mission is to deliver products produced from green energy, the PUD’s service territory is a great place to operate. With approximately 95% of the energy we provide to customers coming from green, renewable energy sources like hydro, wind and solar, the PUD is an industry leader in sustainability. But how do we help companies that want to produce products with 100% clean energy?

This is the challenge that urban vertical-farm produce grower Infarm faced. Thankfully, Infarm was able to work with Sheri Miller, PUD Customer and Energy Services Program Manager, to access the utility’s Carbon Solutions program to fill the gap and achieve its goal of utilizing 100% green-certified electricity.

What is Carbon Solutions?

The PUD’s Carbon Solutions program supports production of clean energy (primarily solar and wind) with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). Every REC purchased means 1,000 kWh of energy generated by a renewable source has been sent to the electrical grid. Businesses can participate through a one-time or ongoing purchase.

What is Infarm?

Infarm is building the first-ever global network of urban vertical farms to grow and distribute fresh, nutritious, and flavorful produce in cities. Infarm operates in over 50 cities in Asia, Europe, and North America and sells to consumers in partnership with 30 of the world’s largest retail chains.

Infarm opened its first US-based location in Everett in 2019. The Growing Center in Everett provides a strategic location for Infarm to supply the US West Coast with local, fresh produce that is grown sustainably.

The Infarm system is far more resilient, efficient, and sustainable than traditional agriculture: it uses approximately 95% less land, 95% less water, the produce requires 90% fewer miles to get to consumers, and no chemical pesticides are used. The farming method doesn’t cause soil degradation, biodiversity loss or the conversion of ecosystems, and doesn’t create fertilizer- and pesticide run-off. By growing closer to the urban consumer and more sustainably, Infarm helps future mega-cities become self-sufficient in their food production. Visit for more information.

Why was the PUD’s Carbon Solutions program a good fit for Infarm?

Infarm is a purpose-driven and impact-conscious company with a sustainability strategy integrated into its overall business strategy. The Carbon Solutions program helped Infarm meet its goal of 100% green-certified electricity by the end of 2022.