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Business rebates

Our rebate program is designed to help businesses lower their energy bills and improve their efficiency. Rates and programs may change without notice. Funding is limited.

Questions about a potential project? Consider reaching out to a qualified contractor.

NOTE: To permanently enable macros in our rebate workbooks, click here for step-by-step instructions.

Current rebates

Heating, cooling & thermostats

Advanced rooftop unit controls: Up to $4,500 per unit (this is a joint utility rebate program)

Connected thermostat: $200 per thermostat

Heat pump retrofit (ducted): up to $1,150 per ton

Heat pump retrofit (ductless): up to $1,250 per ton

Packaged terminal heat pumps: $600 per unit (retrofit)

Variable frequency drives for pumps: $180 per HP

Variable frequency drives on air handling unit fans: $300 per HP

Variable refrigerant flow systems: $1,000 per ton

Compressed air

Rebates are available for upgrading compressors (up to 75HP), air dryers, zero loss drains, low pressure filters, adding storage and reducing overall system pressure. Total rebate is measure dependent.

Windows & insulation

Insulation: 50¢ – $2.50 / sq ft

Secondary windows – $3 /sq ft

Windows: $6 – $9 / sq ft

Note: For electrically heated facilities only.


Anti-sweat heater controls: $40 / lin. ft of case

Electronically commutated motors: $55 / motor (displays) and $140 / motor (coolers)

Floating pressure controls: $10 to $20 per MBH

Refrigeration display case door retrofit: $100 to $300 per lin. ft

Strip curtains for walk-in coolers & freezers: $9 / sq. ft of doorway

Engine block heater & controls

Generator block heaters: $200 / heater (<3kW) and $1,500 / heater (> 3kW)

Vehicle engine block heater controls: $200/unit


Water system leak abatement: 25¢ / kWh


  • See workbook for specific measure details
  • All projects must be pre-approved
  • Rebates may not exceed 100% of total project costs

How to apply

Step 1:

Click here to download and fill out the workbook

Please note, Microsoft Excel is required. Click here for steps on how to permanently enable macros in our workbook.

Step 2:

Submit your project through the form below. Please do not upload W-9 information anywhere in this form.

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Required if submitted by contractor. May be a signed application, bid, or letter.
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