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Construction & remodeling

Get help with new or existing construction within Snohomish County and Camano Island for your electric and water service.

Where to start

ELECTRIC SERVICE: To install a new or change an existing electrical service, please fill out the appropriate application form.

Send the completed application for residential, commercial or area lighting to

For projects with 5 or more lots, send the completed plat engineering application to

WATER SERVICE: For a new water connection, please view our Water Service installation information here.

Additional Information

Guides & requirements

Reference guides for current standards, builder responsibilities and utility installation requirements
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Safety reviews

Power line, electric meter and service disconnects, power safety
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Plat engineering

Define scope, costs and timelines for your plat project (5 or more lots) while also managing technical engineering related to the design of a plat.
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Meter verification

Requirements for proper identification and labeling of meters, including a form to request verification by the PUD before transferring to new owner.
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Contact Construction Team

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PUD rebates for new construction

If you're looking to build, energy-efficiency incentives may be available.
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