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Employee Spotlight December 01, 2022

Meet Sheri Miller, Energy Efficiency Program Manager

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Meet Sheri Miller, Energy Efficiency Program Manager

Sheri works in Energy Services on the Planning, Research and Program Development team, which supports the local small business community. Whether at work or working in her garden, Sheri has a passion for growing things sustainably.

How do you serve PUD customers?

I’ve helped with getting new programs up and running including FleetCarma, a program that tracks electric vehicle driving habits to provide data for future EV programs. In November 2020, I helped launch the Small Business Direct Install program, which offers no- and low-cost upgrades to small businesses.

How do you serve your community?

For many years I owned and managed a small business that focused on education and events. I learned first-hand the hardships of “carrying the load” as a small business owner. I enjoy growing things, whether it’s plants and flowers in my yard, or programs. My yard is filled with flowers, plants, veggies, fruit trees and bushes. Composting is important to us so we throw everything in a large barrel composter. It’s always thriving with beautiful red worms when the compost is ready to use and great for the yard – all organic.

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