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Community Employee Spotlight December 01, 2021

Wrangling an escape artist

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Wrangling an escape artist

This event happened within the first hour of my work day. I was at one of my regular customers’ homes to get their monthly meter reading. I was very familiar with their husky dog and her escape-artist skills. As I opened the gate to enter their property, the husky pretended she was not paying attention and then bolted out of the opening. This dog actually has a GPS on her because she likes to escape and take morning strolls around the neighborhood.

The customer walked around the neighborhood following the dog on the GPS as I drove around in my truck trying to locate her. Eventually I locked eyes with the husky, put my truck in park, sprinted towards her and I was able to get ahold of her collar.

The customer was very thankful that I helped him retrieve his dog. The next month, the customer left a card on the gate with my name on it, inside was a letter thanking me for my help that day.

– Kassidi, Meter Reader 3