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Community Employee Spotlight October 30, 2021

Helping with hamburgers

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Helping with hamburgers

A fair number of years ago we were having a very strong wind storm. I happened to be working in Monroe that day. There were a number of trees that had fallen making it difficult to get around. I drove up a driveway to find that the homeowners had lost their power. As I was talking to the homeowner, three children appeared. I was letting the homeowner know that our crews were in the area working to restore power. I instructed them to stay inside as it wasn’t really safe to be outside due to the wind and downed trees. They thanked me for letting them know that the line crews were working to restore the power.

I asked when they had last eaten, they replied 12 hours ago. That was way too long, so I had them give me their order for McDonalds. Went to town picked it up and brought it to them. They were very thankful. I have been with the PUD for 30 years. Meter Reading to me is about customer service.

If a kind word or a moment of listening brings them a sense of comfort, that’s a good day for me and the company that I represent.

— Mel H., Meter Reader 5