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Classroom presentations

The 2023-2024 classroom presentation calendar is full. Please watch for a link to book next year’s class sessions, or better yet, join our mailing list to be the first to know when we are scheduling for the new school year.

In-person lessons

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> Electrical Safety

60 minutes, grades 3–5
This interactive program will teach your students about the power of electricity and how to stay safe around electricity. Designed for one class at a time, the activities include class discussion, hands-on learning about insulators and conductors, and a video presentation.

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> Introduction to Energy

60 minutes, grades 4–5
This great introductory lesson covers the basics of what energy is, types of energy, and how energy is transformed. Students experiment with systems (AKA toys) to figure out which types of energy are present.

> Basic Circuits

60 minutes, grades 4–5

This presentation is an excellent introduction to electricity. Students first experiment with batteries and buzzers to create a simple electric circuit and learn about open and closed circuits. Then students make predictions and test circuits to discover the four ways to light a bulb using a battery, a piece of wire and a bulb. Finally, students will then formulate a claim on what basic components are needed in every circuit.

> Circuit Systems

60 minutes, grades 4–5

Students use snap circuit kits, prior knowledge and new concepts (such as the use of switches) to build 4 different circuits in this lesson. They identify the types of circuits they’ve built as well as analyze each circuit as a system. After analyzing each circuit, students explore how energy is transferred and transformed within the system.

> Energy Conservation Choices game

60 minutes, grades 4–5

In small groups, students will play a board game that helps them understand how small everyday choices affect their personal energy consumption. Students make choices about how much energy to use as they move through the game. In the end, students will find out if they are savers or spenders of energy and discuss what kinds of actions will make a difference in their energy use.

> The Journey of Hydropower in the Pacific Northwest

60 minutes, grades 4–5
Students learn about the journey of hydroelectric power from snowmelt in the mountains to lighting a lamp in a home. Students will also use hand-held generators to transform motion energy into electrical energy and discuss multiple sources of energy in this action-packed lesson.

Virtual learning videos

Introduction to Energy

10 minutes, grades 4–5

Download assignment

Basic Circuits to Big Circuits

11 minutes, grades 4–5

Download assignment  Download answer key

This program is offered only to schools in our water service territory in May every year:

> Exploring Water with Wanda Flipplefairy

35 minutes, grades K–1

Water coloring sheet

Invite the magical Wanda Flipplefairy to your classroom to teach your students where their water comes from, why it is so important to take care of it and how kids can help conserve this valuable resource. Learn more about Wanda’s WA State Learning Standards.

This is designed for one classroom at a time. Schools may request to schedule 2-5 workshops in one school day.