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Elementary school learning

Our elementary school programming is designed to delight, inspire, and inform. Interested in having a guest speaker for your class? Email Heather at

Kids in class

Our regular programming

Meet the Renewables

Our raved-about interactive assembly performance teaches 3rd–5th graders how to use their Common Conservation Sense.
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Classroom presentations

We host a robust variety of in-classroom lessons on electricity, circuits, safety, water, and more for students K–6th grade.
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Electrical safety videos

Kids will learn about fallen power lines, conductors and insulators, electricity basics & more.
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Virtual learning

Video lesson: Introduction to Energy

10 minutes, grades 4–5

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Video lesson: Basic Circuits to Big Circuits

11 minutes, grades 4–5

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Virtual field trip: Woods Creek Hydro Project

6 minutes, all grades

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