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Employee Spotlight January 01, 2023

Meet Lee Ervin, Water Construction Inspector

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Meet Lee Ervin, Water Construction Inspector

Lee started at the PUD full-time in 2008 as a Water Distribution Specialist 1. He was recently promoted to his current role in which he is dedicated to bringing clean, reliable water to PUD water customers.

How do you serve PUD customers?

As a Water Construction Inspector, I am responsible for inspecting all jobs that involve the PUD’s water utility. I work with contractors to make sure they are as efficient as possible and in compliance with PUD safety standards and regulations. Recently, I acted as an inspector for the water main replacement project in Warm Beach. The main being replaced was the main feed for the Warm Beach community and it was a challenging job. I coordinated and implemented a plan to minimize the quantity and duration of times that customers would be without water.

How do you serve your community?

As a son of a farmer, I try to reuse/fix or find another purpose for a lot of things. At home, we have energy-efficient appliances, and mulch and compost as much as possible. When I cannot find another purpose for items, we recycle.

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