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Safety & Reliability March 01, 2024

Where Your Rate Dollar Goes

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Where Your Rate Dollar Goes

Because the PUD is a not-for-profit utility, all of your rates go back into the system. This makes the system that serves you as reliable and environmentally sustainable as possible.

It’s important to note the role of conservation and energy-efficiency. As the bulk of a rates dollar goes to purchasing and delivering power, reducing energy demand is a superb way to manage costs. This is especially true for periods of unexpectedly high demand – such as during extremely hot or cold regional weather. This high demand can lead to utilities having to purchase extra power on an extremely competitive energy market.

Cents are from every dollar:

Graphic shows how a dollar breaks down to support the PUD electrical system. 52¢ purchasing and delivering power to our region, 20¢ building for the future, 19¢ maintaining the grid to ensure reliability, 6¢ taxes, 3¢ conservation and energy efficiency