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Customers with electrically heated homes are eligible for rebates on three energy-saving improvements: insulation, duct sealing, and windows. Have any questions? Call our Energy Hotline at 425-783-1700.

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How it works:

To be eligible, customers must own a single-family or manufactured home, or townhouse or condominium in a building with up to four attached dwellings. (Townhomes that do not vertically overlap are exempt from the number of units cap.)

All work must be done by a PUD registered contractor. They include all rebates in your initial bill so you can collect the savings instantly. Your contractor then submits the rebate application and any supporting documentation, and is paid the rebate amount by PUD upon review, inspection, and approval.


Adding or upgrading insulation in your home helps eliminate cold air drafts, retain heat, and reduce noise — as well as significantly reduce your electric heating bills into the future.

Rebate: Up to $1 per square foot

Attic insulation must be R-19 or less to R-49
Floor insulation must be R-11 or less to R-30
Wall insulation must be R-0 to R-11
Must be installed by a PUD registered contractor

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— Teresa, Lynwood

Duct Sealing

Did you know that leaky ducts in your HVAC system can lose about 25% of your heated and cooled air? Instead of making your living space more comfortable, improperly sealed ducts send the air into your crawl space, attic and garage — resulting in higher energy bills for you as your system works to keep up.

Single-family home: $5 per linear foot up to $450
Single-wide manufactured home: $200
Double- and triple-wide manufactured home: $400

Must be installed by a PUD registered contractor

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Windows & Sliding Glass Doors

Upgrading to energy-efficient windows and glass doors does double duty: keeping your home comfortable throughout the year, and lowering your energy bill.

Replacing single-pane windows: $100 per window
Replacing double-pane metal frame windows: $50 per window

New windows must be double/triple pane and rated U.30 or lower
Must be installed by PUD registered contractor

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