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Rebates for manufactured homes

The PUD offers a rebate of up to $2,200 for the purchase of an ENERGY STAR® or $4,400 for an ENERGY STAR® with NEEM+ certified manufactured home. Have any questions? Talk to your home dealer.

Rebates & eligibility requirements

• Tier 1 ENERGY STAR certification: $2,200
• Tier 2 ENERGY STAR with NEEM+ certification: $4,400

Benefits of ENERGY STAR and NEEM+ certified homes

Get up to $4,400 cash back when you purchase a Tier 1 ENERGY STAR or Tier 2 ENERGY STAR with NEEM+ certified manufactured home.
Home features ENERGY STAR (Tier 1) ENERGY STAR with NEEM+ (Tier 2)
Energy savings 30% more efficient than HUD 40% more efficient than HUD
Windows U-0.34 U-0.28 (18% more efficient)
Ceiling R40 R44 (or R40 with improved floor)
Walls R21 R21 (with insulated headers)
Floor R33 R33 (or R33/52 with R40 ceiling)
Duct system Sealed and leak tested Sealed and leak tested
Thermostat Programmable (Tier 1 homes may be eligible for a $75 Smart Thermostat rebate) Wi-Fi connected smart thermostat
Whole house ventilation 32 watts, <1 sone 17 watts, <1 sone
Lighting Not specified LED throughout
ENERGY STAR appliances Dishwasher Dishwasher and refrigerator
Moisture management Not specified Building wrap and door/window flashing
REBATE $2,200 $4,400


  • Home must be electrically heated and located within the PUD’s electric service area. If heated by gas, see PSE application.
  • Home must be ENERGY STAR or ENERGY STAR with NEEM+ certified.
  • A copy of the Northwest Energy-Efficient Manufactured Housing Program™ (NEEM) Certificate of Compliance must be provided and dated after the Purchase Agreement.*
  •  Incentive application must be received within 365 days of the home-siting date.*

*If your application does not meet this requirement, please contact your home dealer.

How it works

It’s simple! You can claim your rebate online or by using mail or email:

Claim your rebate online

  • Click here to visit our rebate site and then sign in or create an account
  • Follow the prompts to submit your copy of the NEEM Certificate of Compliance and home buyer Purchase Agreement
  • The PUD will review your rebate application and determine eligibility
  •  Receive your rebate in 2-6 weeks

Submit your application via mail or email

  1. Fill out the rebate application
  2. Submit rebate application along with the following supporting documents to or mail to:

    Snohomish County PUD
    Attn: Residential Services (E2)
    PO Box 1107
    Everett WA 98206-1107

          1. Signed and dated application with all information completed accurately and legibly
          2. A copy of the NEEM Certificate of Compliance
          3. A copy of the Purchase Agreement between the home buyer and the home dealer that shows the buyer and seller’s signatures and the seller’s acceptance date
  3. The PUD will review your rebate application and determine eligibility
  4. Receive your rebate in 2-8 weeks