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Instant rebates are a click away!

Laptop featuring MySnoPUD dashboard
For Snohomish PUD customers, has long been a free and easy way to view usage or pay bills. Now, is your portal to customized energy-efficiency savings! Look for the new widget (see below) for quick access to after-purchase and instant rebates at the PUD Marketplace.

A screen shot of the new instant rebate button on MySnoPUD.comYou’ll have two options:

  • Claim Product Rebate allows for review of energy-saving rebates in your area and provides a portal to easily claim them.
  • Shop PUD Marketplace opens up the PUD Marketplace, where you can shop and save instantly on energy-saving products

Since you’ll be entering the secure site from, there will be no need to enter your PUD account number (as you would if you visited without logging into first). It’s never been so easy to save money, energy and time! 

I can’t wait! Take me to

If you’ve not yet signed up for, no worries. It’s easy and free. Click here for details. 

Instant rebate links Q&A

I don’t see the new widget on the dashboard

No problem! The widget is available, you’ll just need to choose it to display on your dashboard. Simply click the gear in the upper right of any of your displaying widgets. This will open a widget menu. Scroll down until you see the new widget and simply click on it to add it!

I use the mysnopud app and don’t see the widget

The marketplace widget is not available on the app. It will be available if you log in through the full site,