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FlexPeak pilot program logo

How the FlexPeak pilot program works

Although this pilot is no longer accepting participants, it’s a great example of a possible future energy program.

FlexPeak customers:

  1. Receive alerts through their device or smartphone during winter months
  2. Shift energy use during peak events to avoid paying higher rates and save money
  3. Enjoy 10% off energy rates

FlexPeak customers save 10% on energy all year

Customers signed up for the FlexPeak pilot will save 10% on their energy rate throughout the year, from 10.4 cents per kilowatt to 9.03 cents per kilowatt. The only time that rate changes is when the PUD designates an event and alerts pilot participants to a higher peak rate. Events will only take place during winter (Nov.-Feb.) and will never be longer than 4 hours.

More about the FlexPeak pilot

Program details

The FlexPeak pilot gives participating customers the opportunity to reduce energy usage and save money during specific times and days the PUD designates. Throughout the year, participants will receive a 10% reduction on their energy rate (.903 cents/kWh) and see monthly savings on their bill.

During winter months (Nov.–Feb.), participants will be alerted to specific events by SMS text message where the energy rate increases to $1/kWh. They will be notified of these events one day prior and can opt not to allow their device to respond to the event. Participants will still be subject to the peak rate during the event. Events will last no longer than 4 hours per day and will not be called more than 15 times during a winter season.

How much will a typical PUD customer save?

Throughout the non-winter months (March through Oct.), participating customers can expect to save 10% on their bill if they keep their energy usage patterns unchanged. That’s on top of four bill credits of $20 each month for the first winter. During the winter, participants will need to shift their energy usage away from the peak events to save money and keep their bill similar to their typical winter bills. Participating customers who don’t shift their energy usage during the peak events called by the PUD can expect to see a bill 5-20% higher than in past winters.

What's the catch?

Participating customers will be billed $1/kWh for up to 4 hours on a single day during peak events. That’s approximately 10 times the standard energy rate (10.4 cents/kWh) that PUD residential customers pay. If participants aren’t willing to shift their energy usage during these peak events, they could see much higher bills during the winter months. Participants can opt not to allow their device to respond to the event. Participating customers will still be subject to the peak rate during the event.

Are there safeguards for participating customers?

Yes, we have a break-even guarantee that eliminates the risk of participating through both winters. The PUD guarantees participants will save money compared to what their bills would have been on our standard residential rate by June 30, 2023. If you don’t, we’ll credit them the difference.

Want more details? Check out the FlexPeak FAQs >