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TREE Power

Urban Forestry Application for Funding

Take note! Applications are due by June 28, 2024. Funding awards will be announced by August 28, 2024.

Qualifying sites

Grant funds may be used for public land urban forestry projects that are publicly accessible within Snohomish County PUD territory. Examples are public parks, public building courtyards, community gardens, or school grounds.

*Areas under power lines are not eligible for this program.

Our priorities

TREE Power grants support diverse community projects aimed at planting trees in designated areas, optimizing green spaces, and reducing energy usage. Priority is given to projects that do the following:

  • Combat heat island effect: Hard, dry surfaces such as pavement, concrete, buildings, and rooftops absorb the sun’s rays then re-emit them producing heat. Towns, cities, and communities retain heat to a higher degree than rural areas, typically 15-20 degrees warmer. This program aims to reduce the heat island effect by planting trees to strategically shade buildings. Projects that demonstrate tree locations that will shade buildings and pavement will be prioritized, but all will be considered.
  • Optimize tree selection: Ensuring the right tree species are planted in suitable locations to optimize energy conservation. (See PUD Tree List Suggestions in Resources)
  • Demonstrate ‘right tree right place’: Strategic tree planting plans should consider location to mitigate removal costs as well as soil and sunlight conditions when choosing tree species.
  • Detailed tree maintenance plans: Good maintenance plans include plans for watering, weeding, staking, mulching, monitoring, and tree replacement.
  • Ensures equitable access: Projects in underserved communities to ensure equitable access to urban forestry spaces.

Who should apply?

Government, quasi-government entities and non-profit organizations.


For the 2024 pilot year of the TREE Power program, we are able to fund 3-5 projects ranging up to $10,000 each.

  • A minimum of 80% of funds must be used for tree related expenses.

Application Form

Note: Please download and use this Excel form for your Appendix C: Total Project Budget information for the field below

Customer Information


Project Manager Information


Principal or Senior Executive (for signing purposes)


Subcontractor Information


Subcontractor Project Lead


Basic Project Information

Beginning and completion dates
Project Address (one application per address site)
Provide a project summary that includes describing the area of the project site, how many trees will be planted, how this project will reduce heat island effect, and the additional benefits of this project.

Requested Project Description

1. Describe the project site and how it is accessible or welcoming to the public. 2. How will the project positively impact the community? 3. How many trees do you plan to plant? 4. Is there anything else you would like us to know about the project?
1. What do you hope to achieve from this project? 2. How will this project mitigate the urban heat island effect and potentially reduce the AC load? 3. Does the project concept align with TREE Power priorities listed above? We will gauge success based on the effectiveness of the projects in potentially decreasing AC load, mitigating the heat island effect, and conserving energy through tree planting. This evaluation will assess factors such as tree placement, tree species selection, and project locations.

Itemized Tasks and Timelines

Please detail the timeline for site prep, plant acquisition and planting.
1. What will be your strategy to minimize tree mortality? 2. Please include details for planting, staking, watering, weeding, mulching, monitoring and your tree replacement strategy.


Drop files here or
Max. file size: 50 MB.
    Map showing tree locations within the project site.
    Drop files here or
    Max. file size: 50 MB.
      List of tree species and quantities for each location/zoned area.
      Drop files here or
      Max. file size: 50 MB.
        Breakdown of the total project budget including itemized costs/expenses for trees, materials, labor, maintenance, other with totals and clarifying comments.
        Drop files here or
        Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, Max. file size: 50 MB.
          3-5 ‘before’ photographs of the site prior to prep or planting.

          Please contact with any questions.

          Line of trees of different varieties