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Keeping the power on during high-heat events

Fan cooling off interior of home on hot day

Customer access to electricity and water during critical high-heat events is a safety issue for the PUD; our customers, our communities, and our employees.

Starting July 23, 2023, Snohomish County PUD will stop disconnecting residential customers’ electricity or water service during high-heat events. Additionally, the PUD will reconnect any previously disconnected electric and water service requested by customers during high-heat events.


What is considered a high-heat event?

The National Weather Service closely monitors and provides heat-related alerts, such as Excessive Heat Warnings, Heat Advisories, and others.  The PUD will utilize the National Weather Service’s heat-related alerts to identify when to stop disconnections and reconnect existing disconnected customers, for safety purposes.

For any day the National Weather Service has either issued a heat-related alert or announced that it intends to issue a heat-related alert, customers within the impacted area will not be disconnected for non-payment. Any customers within the impacted area who have previously been disconnected may be reconnected, if requested by the customer.

Heat-related alerts by the National Weather Service include:

  • Excessive Heat Warning
  • Heat Advisory
  • Excessive Heat Watch
  • Excessive Heat Outlook

Why is the PUD implementing this policy?

Snohomish County PUD understands that access to electricity and water services during excessive or extreme high-heat events is a safety issue for everyone.

This is not only PUD policy. The PUD encouraged and aided the development of recently passed state legislation that sets the thresholds for high-heat events, prohibits utilities from terminating utility service due to non-payment, and allows disconnected customers to request reconnection during high-heat events.

How will I know if Snohomish PUD is stopping disconnections due to high heat?

On days when a heat-related alert is in effect, the PUD will post that information on our website and PUD Facebook and Twitter accounts.

How do I request a reconnection of service during a high-heat event?

Customers whose service is disconnected for non-payment within an area impacted by a National Weather Service alert may request reconnection by calling PUD Customer Service at 425-783-1000 or visiting a PUD office during regular business hours.

Do I need to agree to a payment plan to be reconnected during a high-heat event?

No, the PUD will not require customers agree to a payment plan in advance of reconnection.

What happens after a high-heat event?

The PUD is committed to working with each and every customer; high-heat events are no exception. After an announced heat alert ends, we encourage customers to contact customer service at 425-783-1000 to work on how we can best continue to provide service.