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Employee Spotlight September 07, 2023

Employee of the Month > September 2023

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Employee of the Month > September 2023

September’s Employee of the Month has been driving us to be our best at the PUD for over 20 years; first as an Equipment Operator and for the last few years as Assistant Equipment and Driver Trainer. Dave Fawcett is responsible for training anyone in need of their Commercial Drivers License (CDL) at the PUD. Whether it’s a mini-excavator or a big line truck, Dave’s great personality, incredible work ethic, and loads of experience will ensure they are confident and equipped to pass the test.

“Dave not only trains his drivers to pass the CDL test, but he also trains them to drive in a safe manner that aligns with the PUD’s values,” said Guy Payne, AGM Distribution and Engineering. “Safety is our most important value, and driving is one of the biggest hazards that most of us confront daily. I’m grateful for Dave’s efforts to make sure our CDL drivers have the tools and knowledge they need to pass the test and operate safely.”

In addition to his 23 years at the utility, Dave has been in the Line Construction industry for a combined 45 plus years. In the last five years, he has successfully prepared approximately 75 members of Team PUD to pass the CDL test.

“Dave has always had a great attitude when it comes to his work,” said Slade Wills, Assistant Lineman Training Coordinator. “His students’ phenomenal pass rate when completing their final testing with the State shows he has prepared them for the stressful testing procedure.”

Dave trains everyone at the PUD who needs a CDL, regardless of their department. He regularly trains employees from Line, Substation, Transportation, Water, Warehouse, and others. Employees must complete a minimum 160 hours of CDL preparation with Dave to be able to pass their CDL test with the State. This includes classroom time and driving.

“Dave has a great personality that enables him to get along with everyone,” said Carlos Tostado, Lineman Training Coordinator. “His ability to change his teaching style to work for different personalities and learning styles is amazing.”

Dave takes pride in his training and is always staying up-to-date on the Washington State CDL training programs and requirements as they change year to year.

In addition to teaching his trainees, Dave is always willing to go the extra mile to assist with anything going on in the Line Training department, and he does it with a smile on his face.

“Dave makes the PUD a better place with his positive attitude and willingness to help anyone!” said Slade.

“He’s done an exceptional job in training PUD employees for their CDL, but he also makes himself available to assist Billy Binckley (Equipment/Driver) and Slade Wills,” said Carlos. “He’s a good friend to everyone and very valuable in his current position. He deserves this recognition for staying with the utility and not retiring. He’s been a big asset to the Line Training and the PUD.”

This is not the first time Dave has been recognized by the Employee and Team of the Month Program. In January 2013, Dave was recognized as part of a team dispatched to New Jersey to assist restoring power after Superstorm Sandy.

It’s Dave’s commitment to his work, his willingness to step up and lend a hand, and his positive attitude that have earned him this recognition. For Dave, it’s all about the team and his drive to serve others.

“I like being part of our training team. It’s a great place to be and we all work together with the same common goal to help employees achieve and gain valuable experience along with confidence in operating equipment,” said Dave. “Our CDL program is a great success thanks to our team working together to make sure our students have all the knowledge and driving experience they need before they test. I want to thank my co-workers for nominating me for this recognition, it’s truly an honor.”