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Spada Lake regulations

Young person fishing at Spada Lake

Spada Lake Reservoir is the principal source of drinking water for Snohomish County’s population. As a result, the maintenance of high quality water is of primary importance. Water quality depends upon responsible public observation of the following:

Recreation sites are free for all to use; however, registration is required. Rules are listed on the back of the registration form.

Water quality regulations

  • No swimming or wading by people or pets in creeks or reservoir
  • Boat launching only at designated locations
  • No combustion engines allowed
  • Licensed motorized vehicle operation on improved roads only
  • Picnicking at designated sites
  • Public must use site toilets
  • Pets must be on leashes at all times
  • No overnight camping
  • No stand-up paddleboarding on the reservoir
  • No inflatable devices allowed (this includes rubber rafts)

Recreational use regulations (PUD rules for using Jackson Hydroelectric Project lands)

See use regulations at this link for details on allowable and prohibitive activities.

Fishing regulations (Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife)

For the most current fishing regulations, contact the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife at 360-902-2700 or check its website at Note: All tributaries to the lake are closed to fishing.