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How to access Spada Lake Reservoir

Spada Lake Reservoir parking area

Boat launches

There are two boat launches at Spada Lake Reservoir. The boat launch at South Fork is available for trailered boat access whenever the lake level is 1410′ msl or above. Trailered boat access is available at South Shore when the lake level is 1425′ msl or above. Check our Spada Lake and Sultan River Conditions for information regarding reservoir levels and weather forecasts. Remember that combustion engines are not allowed on Spada Lake Reservoir.

South Shore Road

South Shore Road (the right fork at Olney Pass) leads to the South Fork and South Shore recreation sites. The road past the South Shore Recreation Site is permanently closed to vehicular traffic and has been converted to a trail for hike-in access only. The trailhead for Nighthawk and Bear Creek Recreation Sites, and the Department of Natural Resources’ Boulder and Greider trails is accessed from the South Shore Recreation Site.

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR), owner of the South Shore Road near Spada Lake Reservoir, will no longer maintain the roadway due to required upgrades, maintenance costs and discontinuation of timber harvests in the area. The PUD has committed to maintaining a portion of the road for vehicular access, from Olney Pass to the PUD’s South Shore Recreation Site.

Culmback Dam Road

Culmback Dam Road (the left fork at Olney Pass) leads to the Culmback Dam, Gateway and North Shore recreation sites. The Culmback Dam recreation site is located adjacent to the dam and provides views of Spada Lake Reservoir (see photo above). Gateway is located right next to the reservoir, at the yellow vehicle gate. The North Shore site is located across Culmback Dam to the north, created as part of our new license and recreation enhancements. Both Culmback Dam and North Shore sites have public toilets.

Like the South Shore Road, DNR also owns but will no longer maintain its portion of the Culmback Dam Road near Spada Lake Reservoir; PUD has committed to maintaining the full length of the road for vehicular access, from Olney Pass to Culmback Dam.

Please remember that camping is NOT ALLOWED on PUD property.

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