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System improvements

Line crews replacing pole

The PUD has kept the lights on and power flowing for our customers for more than 70 years. Reliability is a core value and the work we do every day ensures we deliver that consistent power.

Over the next several years, the PUD will carry out electrical system improvements and preventative maintenance projects to help ensure high levels of reliability to meet the needs of a growing customer base.

2023 - 2026 Construction Projects

Substation projects

The PUD has more than 100 substations and switching stations across our service area. These substations are critical in delivering power to our customers. As our customer base grows, we must update and upgrade these substations to continue to deliver reliable service. Here’s a look at current substation projects:

  • To increase reliability in Stanwood and Camano Island, the PUD has built a new double bank substation and will be rebuilding another. The new Twin City Substation (completed 2022) replaced the old North Stanwood Substation, which will be decommissioned this year. The PUD also plans to rebuild the North Camano Substation (estimated completion 2025).
  • With the growing development in the Arlington/Smokey Point area, increased large commercial loads are becoming a reality. The PUD is upgrading (adding a second bank) its Edgecomb Substation (completion 2023).
  • To better serve the growing power demands in north Snohomish County, the PUD is upgrading its Stimson Crossing Switching Station (completion 2025). In addition, the PUD will be constructing a new Jennings Park Substation (completion 2024) that will replace Central Marysville substation.
  • To provide reserve capacity in case of a BPA transformer failure and add switching capability, the PUD is building the new Getchell Switching Station (completion 2026) in east Marysville near Highway 9. The PUD is designing this station to allow room for up to two BPA points of delivery for future growth in the north county area.
  • To better serve the eastern portion of its service area, the PUD plans to design and build the new Sky Valley Substation (completion 2023) and upgrade its Clearview Substation (completion 2024).
  • To better serve the Mukilteo service area, the PUD is currently upgrading its Harbour Pointe Substation by adding a second bank (completion 2023).
  • To better serve the southern portion of its service area, the PUD plans to upgrade its Brier Substation (completion 2025), its Thrashers Corner Substation (completion 2025) and its Westgate Substation (completion 2025). In addition, we will be upgrading Picnic Point Substation (completion 2025).

Eagle Creek East Arlington Substation

Line projects

  • The PUD recently replaced more than 50 distribution poles and install transmission lines to connect circuits from the Woods Creek and Lake Chaplain substations to improve reliability to the PUD’s Jackson Hydroelectric Project powerhouse and City of Everett’s water treatment plant.
  • To provide redundancy power to Camano Island, the PUD will build a new Stanwood-to-Camano 115-kV linebuild (completion 2023).
  • To better serve the growing power demands in northern portion of its service area, the PUD is rebuilding its Stimson-to-Stanwood 115-kV line (completion 2024) and designing and building a new Stimson-to-Sills Corner 115-kV line (completion 2026).
  • To maintain reliable service to Hat Island, the PUD is planning to replace the Hat Island submarine cable (completion 2024).
  • The PUD is in planning stages for proposed construction of a high-voltage transmission line in north Everett. This new line would improve reliability in Everett and support increasing electric demand.

Pole and distribution maintenance

Every year, the PUD:

  • Annually replaces about 500 aging poles
  • Assesses and treats more than 25,000 poles
  • Replaces 20 to 30 miles of aging underground cables throughout the utility’s service area

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