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Youngs Creek Hydro Project

In 2008, the PUD purchased the partially constructed Youngs Creek Hydroelectric Project. Construction of this project began in the mid-1990s but was never completed. It is located just south of the city of Sultan, Washington. The powerhouse is located above a natural impassible barrier to fish on Youngs Creek, which is a tributary of Elwell Creek.

The project went online in October 2011 with an estimated capacity of 7.5 megawatts with an annual production of 18,000 MWh — enough to power about 1,500 homes. It is the first new hydro project in Washington state in nearly 20 years.

The project received Renewable Energy World magazine’s 2012 Hydro Project of the Year award and the 2012 American Society of Civil Engineers’ Outstanding Achievement Award.

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Youngs Creek Hydro Project intake trash rake
Intake trash rake
Youngs Creek Hydro Project intake sluice gate and overflow spillway
Intake sluice gate and overflow spillway
Youngs Creek generator
Youngs Creek Hydro Project
Intake control room building to the right; penstock air vent (curved pipe); fish screen motors (yellow boxes)
Youngs Creek Hydro Project in stream flow channel and weir
Minimum in-stream flow channel and V-notch weir
Youngs Creek Hydro Project Pelton turbine
Pelton wheel turbine runner
Youngs Creek Hydro Project tailrace
Turbine tailrace and discharge channel
Youngs Creek Hydro Project HPU and turbine nozzle
Hydraulic Power Unit (foreground); Turbine nozzle (background)
Youngs Creek Hydro Project dam
Youngs Creek Hydro Project weir

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