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Woods Creek Hydro Project

Take our virtual tour:

The Woods Creek Hydroelectric Project is located north of the city of Monroe, Washington, and has a nameplate capacity of 0.65 MW. The project is adjacent to Woods Creek, a tributary of the Skykomish River, with a powerhouse located at a natural impassible barrier to fish. Prior to acquisition of this small hydroelectric resource in 2008, the PUD had purchased 100% of the output since its construction in 1982.

At a glance:

  • Located in Woods Creek, north of Monroe, WA
  • 0.65 MW nameplate capability
  • Started operation in 1983, purchased by PUD in 2008
  • Produces electricity for over 200 homes per year on average; over 600 homes at full generation
  • Efficiency upgrades count towards Energy Independence Act (I-937)
  • Waterfall at powerhouse prevents salmon spawning migration above project
  • Co-located with PUD’s Sustainability Center to provide renewable energy and natural environment education
Inside Woods Creek Hydro Project powerhouse
A. Water flow from creek, B. Turbines, C. Water return to creek, D. Generator, E. Oil/Water separator area
Interior of Woods Creek Hydro Project powerhouse
Close-up of turbine, gearbox and flywheel

Woods Creek Hydro Project

Woods Creek Hydro Project surrounding lands

Woods Creek Hydro Project fish screens
Fish screens
Woods Creek Hydro Project penstock
Woods Creek Falls
Woods Creek Falls
Woods Creek Hydro Project mitigation efforts
Mitigation efforts


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