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Net Metering Bill Update

The PUD has completed a fix to its billing system that will ensure the base charge is correctly applied to all bills of net metering customers.  Going forward, PUD net metering bills will not only have the base charge applied correctly, but all remaining net metering credits will be saved in your net metering reserve balance, according to PUD policy.

When the PUD retired the minimum daily charge on April 1, the change caused a billing issue that incorrectly applied  net metering credits to the entirety of a net metering customer’s bill, including the base and other charges. This was not in line with the PUD’s net metering program policy, which allows net metering production credits to only be applied to energy charges.

The marked-up bill below provides information to better understand how net metering credits are now being correctly applied to your billing statements.

Image of front of PUD bill marked up to explain various sections Image of back of PUD bill marked up to explain various sections

To view a pdf of the marked-up billing statement, click here.


How will this impact net metering customers’ bills?

With the fix now complete, our billing system will correctly apply the base charge and all net metering credits to your bill. As our policy states, net metering credits will only be applied to your energy charge. All extra net metering credits will be saved to your net metering reserve balance.

Will I lose any net metering credits?

Some credits have been applied to the base charge for the month of April and credited to your account balance. Going forward, the fix will ensure that net metering credits are correctly applied to your bills and any additional net metering credits are saved to your Net Metering Reserve balance. Any additional net metering credits that were saved to your account balance will remain and the PUD will not attempt to recoup any base charges that were not correctly billed.

Why must net metering customers pay a base charge?

All PUD customers pay a base charge to pay for fixed costs that all customers connected to the grid are responsible for, including meter maintenance and billing. The PUD works diligently to maintain grid infrastructure so that power is available anytime all PUD customers connected to the grid need it, including net metering customers who rely on the grid when their system is not producing electricity.

Will any excess account credits be zeroed-out in March when my net metering credit reserve is?

No. Any account credits you accrue will continue to be applied to your account balance until they are depleted.

Did excess net metering production credits also cover any PUD water charges?

Yes. During the bill issue, additional net metering credits were applied to net metering customers’ entire PUD account balance, including water charges (if they are a water customer) and any taxes. This issue has now been resolved.

Can I receive my credit as a check?

No. The account balance credits can only be applied to future charges on your account.