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Starting business service

Contact Customer Service at 425-783-1012, ideally 1–2 business days prior to possession or start of lease. You can also visit a local PUD community office.

The person requesting service must be a direct employee of the business. In the case of a Sole Ownership or a Partnership, we must speak to the owner(s) directly to set up service.

The following information is required, for both new customers, as well as existing customers who are starting business service at a new address:

  • Address where service is being requested
  • Mailing address if different than service address
  • Phone number of primary contact
  • Start date of ownership or possession, or start of lease
  • Unified Business Identifier (UBI) and/or Federal Tax ID Number (FEIN) to validate the business license and status
  • Social Security Number for Sole Proprietors and Partnerships to validate customer identities

Customers preferring to use other government-issued identification instead of a Social Security Number must apply for service in person at a local PUD office. Please bring one piece of unexpired, government-issued identification that includes a photo. The PUD will accept all forms of identification approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and/or the U.S. Transportation Security Administration.

Account service charges

Requests to start new service or transfer existing service will include an Account Service Charge of $15. Other fees may apply.

Security deposits

A security deposit may be required when starting service. Deposit amounts are due with the first billing invoice. Business account deposits are credited back to the PUD account after 24 months of excellent payment history.

Waiving the business deposit

New business customers can request to have the deposit waived with one of the following:

  • A letter of excellent credit from another heating utility showing at least two years of service in the past 24 months under the same business name and UBI number is emailed to us at (or faxed to 425-267-6303).  This option is available to Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships and Sole Ownerships
  • A letter of excellent credit under the Sole Proprietor’s personal name from another heating utility showing at least two years of service in the past 24 months is emailed to us at (or faxed to 425-267-6303). This option is available only for Sole Ownerships.
  • A Bill of Guaranty is provided to us, notarized/signed by a corporate officer or LLC member AND a 24 month excellent letter of credit from another heating utility in the signer’s name. This option is available to Corporations and LLCs.
  • A Surety Bond has been provided by the business’ insurance company. This option is available to Corporations, LLCs and Partnerships.