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How to read your water meter

First: locate your meter

Reading a water meter

Most water meters are in the Right-of-Way at the edge of the road near the property line. A black plastic box with a metal cover protects the meter. Remove the cover. (It is not unusual for the meter box to be filled with water or dirt.) Flip up the plastic cap in the box to expose the register. If there is more than one meter in the box, check the meter number on the cap (last six digits) with the meter number that appears on your water bill. If you do not have a copy of your bill, call a PUD Customer Service Representative (see number below) to obtain your meter number.

To read your meter:

Your register will show a number with either five or six digits. The last two digits on the right may be a different color than the others. Write down all the numbers, reading the meter from LEFT TO RIGHT. The meter example on the right reads 008836. This is your starting point.

The next time you read your meter, repeat the process. To determine the amount of water you have used, subtract the starting number from the new number. The resulting amount is your consumption, measured in cubic feet. For example, if the starting number was 008836, and the new number is 010836, you have used 2,000 cubic feet of water. The PUD bills your water consumption by the number of gallons you use. To determine your consumption in gallons, multiply the number of cubic feet consumed by 7.48.

10836 – 8836 = 2,000 cubic feet
2,000 x 7.48 = 14,960 gallons

If you are taking daily readings, try to take them at the same time each day. In that way, each reading will indicate a full day’s usage.