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Meter access & dogs

Cluttered access to meter

By law (click to view WAC 480-100-168), if the PUD provides electrical or water service to you, the utility then has the right to enter your property to read/maintain its metering equipment without your permission. You are responsible for providing access to PUD equipment for the installation, maintenance and removal of its property. This includes unobstructed access around the meter itself as well as access to the meter if it’s in a separate room. Failure to provide access (as illustrated in the photo) can result in fines with eventual disconnection of service.


Because of the ever-increasing number of protective dogs, PUD meter readers, customer service representatives, and servicemen sometimes experience difficulty reading and servicing meters. The dog’s natural instinct to protect the customer’s property poses a problem if a meter reader feels personally threatened. PUD meter readers protect themselves from aggressive animals with tools such as (but not limited to) dog bones, umbrellas, dog sticks, and even pepper spray.

Dog owners can help alleviate the problem by contacting our Customer Service Department to obtain the scheduled day their meter is to be read – as well as to notify the PUD of the dog’s presence. We expect to read the meters according to this schedule; however, circumstances may require a day early or late. Therefore, we require a 3-day window of access for our readers. One way to know when your meter has been read is to tape a note to the meter asking the reader to remove it after reading the meter. That would be the signal to you that access was no longer needed until the next scheduled reading data window. Please note that the scheduled meter reading date is not a guaranteed date. It could be rescheduled to a totally different date without customer notice (although we try our best to stay to our scheduled dates).

We appreciate your help with making our visit to your property quick and safe by maintaining easy access to your meter and keeping your dogs away from the PUD meter area.