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Governance Policies Index

To read more about the governance policies, click on the PDF links. Each document covers the topics listed under each heading. See the Governance Table of Contents for a complete listing.

Executive Limitations:

  • EL-1 Global Executive Constraint
  • EL-2 Treatment of Customers
  • EL-3 Treatment of Employees
  • EL-4 Financial Planning and Budgeting
  • EL-5 Financial Conditions and Activities
  • EL-6 Emergency General Manager Succession
  • EL-7 Asset Protection
  • EL-8 Compensation and Benefits
  • EL-9 Communication and Support to the Board

Governance Process:

  • GP-1 Global Governance Commitment
  • GP-2 Governing Style
  • GP-3 Board Job Description
  • GP-4 Agenda Planning
  • GP-5 Rules of Procedure
  • GP-6 President’s Role
  • GP-7 Board Members’ Role of Conduct
  • GP-8 Cost of Governance

Board-General Manager Linkage:

  • BL-1 Global Governance-Management Connection
  • BL-2 Unity of Control
  • BL-3 Accountablility of the General Manager
  • BL-4 Delegation to the General Manager
  • BL-5 Monitoring General Manager Performance

Board-Owner Linkage Plan:

  • Primary Objectives
  • Audience
  • Key Messages
  • Strategies
  • Timing
  • Research Findings on Owners to Date


  • E-1 Ends Policy

For questions about Governance Policies, please call the Commission Office at 425-783-8611 during business hours.