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Smart Thermostats

Installing a smart thermostat can help you reduce energy costs and keep your home comfortable year-round. Smart thermostats use sensors to tell when you’re away, and can learn your daily schedule and use local weather information to make energy-saving temperature changes automatically.

Because they are Wi-Fi enabled, smart thermostats allow you to manage your home heating and cooling system from anywhere, using your mobile device.

$75 PUD Reward

The PUD offers a $75 Reward to eligible customers who purchase and install a qualified smart thermostat in their home. For a list of eligible smart thermostats, see the qualifying list under "Related Documents" to the right.

Eligibility Requirements

If you are a Snohomish County PUD customer, your home is heated by an electric forced air furnace or ducted heat pump, and you live in a single family (not exceeding 4 attached units) or manufactured home, you are eligible for this reward (limit one per home). For gas-heated homes, see PSE smart thermostat rebate under "Resources" to the right.

The thermostat must be on the Qualified Products List in effect at the time of purchase, and you must apply for your reward within 90 days of purchase. Reward may not exceed purchase price. *To apply for rewards for these models, please use the paper application form.

Installation Requirements

To qualify, your thermostat must

  • be set to your home’s geographic location
  • have the occupancy detection set to “on”
  • be registered as connected with the manufacturer
  • be programmed to recognize the heat pump system (if it is controlling a heat pump)

The thermostat may be installed by you or your contractor.

Looking to Buy

You can purchase a smart thermostat at our Marketplace site and the PUD Reward is deducted from the price if you qualify:

Take me to the PUD Marketplace!

Already Purchased: How to Claim Your Reward

If you are eligible for a smart reward for the smart thermostat you've already purchased:

  • Click here and look for the orange Claim Reward button at the top of the page.
  • Click and follow the prompts to submit your contact information and receipt.
  • Receive your reward! (2-3 weeks)

To submit your application by mail, click here. Rewards will be sent within 8-10 weeks of receipt of complete, qualified application.

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