Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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Customer Service (M-F 8a-5:30p): 425-783-1000

Special Offers

Special Prices imageSPECIAL PRICES on Lighting & More!

Look for the logo to SAVE:

  • Up to $2 on LED Bulbs
  • Up to $5 on Energy Star Interior & Exterior Fixtures
  • Up to $5 on Efficient Showerheads

Note: Prices in store include the PUD discount

You’ll find our special pricing at these local stores:

  • Ace Hardware*
  • Batteries Plus Bulbs*
  • Costco*+°
  • Fred Meyer*+°
  • Habitat for Humanity*
  • Home Depot*°
  • Independent Hardware Stores*
  • Lowes*+
  • QFC*
  • Target*°
  • Walmart*°

*Offers LED discounts        +Offers showerhead discounts        °Offers Smart Rewards

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(updated 8/26/19)

PUD Marketplace

You can buy LED light bulbs, smart thermostats, efficient showerheads and faucet aerators and advanced power strips at special low prices – all from the convenience of your home!

An advanced power strip helps reduce standby power loss while providing surge protection and standard power strip functionality by utilizing three types of outlets: control, controlled, and always on. The advanced power strip senses when the device plugged into the control outlet, such as your computer or TV, is turned off and eliminates power to the controlled outlets so they can’t continue to draw electricity. When you turn the control device on again, power is restored. Get an advanced power strip at the PUD Marketplace for only $10!

Click here to visit the PUD Marketplace!