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Wondering how solar works and if it’s right for you? Our Solar Express program provides information and cash incentives for installation of solar photovoltaic or solar hot water systems. Get on board!

Solar energy is a largely untapped source of renewable energy in Western Washington. With a photovoltaic system, a PUD customer can generate clean, green, renewable energy. Installing photovoltaic and solar hot water systems are ways that PUD customers can:

  • Lead the way in using local renewable energy in Snohomish County
  • Act on their environmental beliefs and reduce their environmental impact
  • Help the PUD meet the energy needs of the next generation

To support the installation of solar electric and hot water systems in our service territory, we offer:

  • Free workshops and expert advice
  • Cash incentives
  • Washington State Production Incentive assistance
  • List of PUD Registered Contractors for solar installations

More than 3 Million Watts of Customer-Owned Solar Energy Systems

As of September 2014

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