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Integrated Resource Plan (IRP)

The IRP is a long-term strategy for the PUD’s power resources to support a changing environment, customer needs, regulatory compliance, and resource availability. It is updated every two years.

Binoculars and clean energy

The 2021 IRP was adopted by the Board of Commissioners on Dec 21, 2021 after a roughly two-year public process. The 2021 IRP involved discussions with PUD and external stakeholders, several phases of analysis and new results that differ from previous IRPs.

The 2021 IRP ensures sufficient resources are available at the lowest cost to meet the PUD’s future needs amid a changing energy and regulatory environment through the 2022 to 2045 study period.

On a seasonal basis, the 2021 IRP shows the PUD has a growing near-term winter capacity need in years 1-5 that becomes larger over time and a new summer energy need emerges later in the study period. These results are consistent with the 2017 IRP and 2019 update findings, but the 2021 IRP indicates a more specific response than previous IRPs. This is due to additional clarity on State Clean Energy policy, which helps the PUD better measure and balance opportunity and risk. The 2021 finds that conservation, the development of smart rate programs (sometimes called Demand Response), the development of energy storage and local solar, and short-term market capacity products will help the PUD keep costs low, provide reliable service, and meet the Clean Energy goals of the future.

The 2021 IRP includes for the first time, new requirements from the Washington State Clean Energy Transformation Act. This policy asks Washington utilities to plan to use 100% Clean Energy by 2045. The PUD currently plans to meet this goal by 2030, the first year of compliance reporting, and 15 years early.

The 2021 Clean Energy Implementation Plan is a four-year snapshot of planned actions from 2022-2025 and is informed by the 2021 IRP.

Both the 2021 IRP and 2021 CEIP are available below.

View Final 2021 IRP >

View 2019 IRP Update >

View Final 2021 CEIP >


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