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Employee Spotlight January 04, 2022

Team of the Month > January 2022

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Team of the Month > January 2022

Even in the best of times, our Custodial Team is essential to providing Team PUD with a clean and healthy work environment. Then came COVID. While many of us were packing up our desks and heading to the safety of our home offices, the Custodial Team was donning extra personal protective equipment to make sure our facilities met the even higher standards of cleanliness demanded by a global pandemic.

The idea of going into a setting with known COVID exposures might make many of us uneasy. Our Custodial Team hasn’t hesitated to walk into the lion’s den (so to speak) to eradicate germs and create an environment where employees felt safe returning to work.

“The Custodial Team has done an incredible job of rising to the challenge of this global pandemic,” said Jason Zyskowski, AGM Generation, Power, Rates & Transmission Management. “While every member of Team PUD has had to be flexible in this challenging situation, the Custodial Team has not only been flexible, they also have been, and continue to be, innovative and courageous so that the essential work that we do to bring power and water to our customers can continue. I want to thank each and every one of them for their above-and-beyond efforts these last two years.”

Rising to the challenges presented by COVID meant navigating new guidelines and implementing new practices in a time of uncertainty. At times, these requirements have evolved rapidly and required ingenuity.

“As one of the Custodial Leads of this group, I have seen many improvements in the last couple of years,” said Lisa Fernandez, Lead Custodian. “As COVID-19 took hold of the USA in 2020, we have worked very hard to stay on top of cleanliness and sanitization guidelines and practices deemed by the CDC and especially for the safety of all of our PUD families. We have seen much growth in our group, and I am very proud to be a part of keeping our facilities safe and clean for all.”

Though the work has been challenging for the team, the experience has brought the team even closer together—though they do miss seeing many employee smiling faces.

“Serving on the Custodial Team at the PUD means a lot to me,” said Hua Wong, Custodian 2. “Over the 2 years that I have served, the Custodial Team has become much more than my coworkers. They became my second family.”

“I love being a part of a team that takes pride in getting things clean and sanitary for the next day,” said Roger Bopp, Custodian 3. “I’m looking forward to everyone returning to the PUD Operations Center.”

Please join us in congratulating the Custodial Team on being January’s Team of the Month! We applaud them on their spotless reputation and thank them for their extraordinary efforts to serve Team PUD and our customers.

Custodian Team: Roger Bopp, Ashley Boxman, John Bream, Tony Brix, Stephanie Chamberlain, Lisa Fernandez (lead), Martin Graff, Chase Heckle, Ryan Hespe, Irina Lyasek, Alan Matsen, Caroline Novak, Seth Patton, Darren Posey, Madison Riffle, Phillip Shipley, Hua Wang, Hunter Warner, Andrew Wilson, and Donato Yap.