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North County

PUD line crew in bucket

Timeline: April 2020-2023

Project Background

Providing reliable service to customers located on Camano Island has represented a unique challenge for PUD engineers for many years. Transmission outages have affected the three Camano Island substations more heavily than other substations. The island is connected to the mainland by a single high-voltage 115kV line that was originally built by Puget Power. The radial feed results in extended outages until repairs are completed following a fault. It’s difficult and time-consuming to replace the aging line while it is being used to feed the island.

Project Summary

The PUD is finalizing its plans to provide more reliable transmission service to Camano Island at a reasonable cost. Key components of the project in Stanwood and on Camano Island include:

  • Replacing aging transmission and distribution line
  • Adding a second high-voltage 115 kV transmission line to serve Camano Island
  • New configurations for substation transmission lines and circuits
  • Replacing the North Stanwood Substation with a new Twin City Substation
  • Upgrading the North Camano Substation to replace aging equipment and enhance reliability
  • Upgrading the Stimson Crossing Substation, which serves the North Snohomish County region
  • Automation of new equipment to support quicker outage response
  • Continued review and improvements to North Snohomish County tree trimming 


  • These improvements lower the likelihood of transmission source failure for Camano Island.
  • Modernization of substations and high-voltage lines will bring equipment up to date with other parts of the PUD’s electrical system.
  • Upgrades address future growth in the area and support economic development as more businesses locate to the area.
  • Relocation of the North Stanwood Substation will increase normal and emergency capacity available, improve service reliability and reduce the likelihood of operational impacts due to flooding.


Kevin Lavering
Sr. Project Manager