Snohomish County Public Utility District No. 1

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System Improvements

PUD line crew installing power pole
Over the next several years, the PUD will carry out a series of electrical system improvements and preventative maintenance projects to help ensure the utility maintains high levels of reliability and meets the needs of a growing customer base.

Substation Projects

One of the most significant projects will transform the Beverly Park Substation in South Everett (north of Hwy. 526) into the largest substation in the utility’s service area. Once completed, it will double the footprint of the 115-kilovolt facility, increasing it from seven breakers to 15. It also will include installation of the PUD’s first 230-115-kilovolt transformer. The multi-year project will be completed in 2018. The upgraded facility will improve system reliability, provide reserve capacity in case of a BPA transformer failure and add switching capability to the PUD’s transmission system.

Other large projects include:

  • Design and construction of a new Twin City Substation to improve service to Stanwood and Camano Island
  • Construction of the Cedar Valley Substation, adjacent to the Lynnwood Transit Center to accommodate expanded Sound Transit light rail service and high-density commercial and residential development.
  • Construction of the Port Gardner Substation on the north Everett waterfront, to meet growing needs as the Port of Everett moves forward on commercial, recreational and residential development plans
  • Upgrade to the East Arlington Switching Station
  • Substation Reliability Improvement Project includes upgrades to software, communication protocols and protection and control systems at substations – key follow-up measures related to the utility’s substation automation effort.
  • Construction of the Swamp Creek Switching Station, located just north of the I-5/I-405 interchange in Lynnwood, to meet system capacity growth in the Lynnwood/Mill Creek area. (See FAQs to the right.)

Poles & Distribution

In 2019, the PUD plans to replace about 500 aging poles as well as assess and treat more than 25,000 poles. In addition, 20 to 30 miles of aging underground cable will be replaced throughout the PUD service area this year.

Swamp Creek Switching Station FAQs

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What is a switching station?

A switching station is an electrical utility yard where several transmission lines come together. These lines are connected to an arrangement of circuit breakers and other equipment used for protection, monitoring and operation. Switching stations are key in reliability as they isolate faulted transmission lines and reduce the effect to customers due to an outage.

Why at 18112 Butternut Road?

The PUD has owned this property since the early 1990s in anticipation of future growth. The new switching station must be located near residential, commercial and industrial customers to improve reliability and system congestion. System capacity growth near Lynnwood and Mill Creek have necessitated the construction of this new switching station.

When does construction begin?

Construction is planned to start in June 2019 with completion in May 2020.

How does a new switching station help me?

A new switching station assures continued power quality and reliability as areas continue to grow and the demand for electricity increases. Switching stations allow for more reliable protection for high-voltage lines, which in turn reduces the impact to customers in the event of an outage.

In particular, the Swamp Creek Switching Station will improve the PUD’s transmission system reliability and operability in the south Snohomish County area.

How will the Swamp Creek Switching Station look?

The switching station will be located approximately 30 feet from Butternut Road and finished grade of the switching station will be located approximately 7 feet below the street line. Landscaping will screen the switching station from the road. There will also be a security fence installed around the station for security.

There will be four overhead transmission lines, two from the east and two from the west, entering the switching station.

How do I find out more?

If you have any questions regarding the Swamp Creek project, you can contact the PUD Substation Engineering Department at (425) 783-4385, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.