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Community News March 31, 2022

PUD launches new reading program

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PUD launches new reading program

Snohomish County PUD is launching a new partnership and reading program with Everett Public Libraries and Sno-Isle Public Libraries. The new reading program, “Reading Between the Lines,” will donate books to area libraries four times throughout the year. The books will range in topics from renewable energy to the science and technology of electricity, conservation and sustainability.

“We hope that this program will energize readers of all ages and empower them to reflect on important, interesting and entertaining topics,” said Julee Cunningham, PUD Director of Communications, Marketing and Business Readiness.

The first book, “Energy Island: How One Community Harnessed the Power of the Wind and Changed Their World,” is now available at branches of Everett Public Libraries and Sno-Isle Libraries. “Energy Island” is written by Allen Drummond. It tells the story of the residents of Samsø, a Danish island, and how they reduced their carbon emissions by 140% and became energy independent in a decade.

As part of the program, the PUD and participating libraries will share reviews of the donated books from local libraries. The first book review is courtesy Andrea Wallis, an experienced librarian at the Everett Public Library Central Location

“‘Energy Island’ is an inspirational story of how the people on the small island of Samsø in Denmark made the change to using only renewable energy sources.

“The story’s narrative reflects the excitement of some of the community as they come up with ideas, and also the objections some people had about the project. Ultimately, the island was able to reduce their carbon emissions by 140 percent over 10 years by harnessing wind power and other renewable energy resources!

“For those who want to learn more, there are informative scientific sidebars throughout the story.

“‘Energy Island’ is a fantastic STEM book to inspire 2nd through 5th graders about energy conservation and a discussion of various ways it could be accomplished.”

Make sure to check out this book today at your local library!

Andrea Wallis is skilled in Public Libraries, Library Science, Library Instruction, Information Literacy, and Community Outreach, and is a strong education professional with a Master’s degree focused in Library and Information Science from University of Washington.