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PUD Testifies on Hydropower

PUD Testifies on Realizing the Potential of Hydropower as a Clean, Renewable and Domestic Energy Resource

Recently, Snohomish PUD testified in front of the U.S. House of Representatives to discuss the benefits of hydropower and our experiences in developing carbon-free hydropower. We support updating and improving the process for licensing clean, renewable hydro projects in order to combat climate change. 

As part of that testimony, we stated that we are not supportive of circumventing or diminishing environmental regulations. In fact, The National Hydro Association (NHA) -- with PUD support and encouragement -- has been working with resource agencies, environmental groups and tribes to better understand the issues. Some mandatory, and problematic, conditioning language was removed through that process. 

Snohomish PUD proudly puts renewable power as a priority in our resource mix. Addressing climate change requires the development of more renewable, carbon-free resources, thereby avoiding the construction of gas plants or the purchase of "dirty" power on the market. Our own Washington State U. S. Senator Cantwell is leading this effort to make the licensing process more efficient in order to build carbon-free hydro instead of dirty power -- helping meet the utility’s climate change goals -- while at the same time making sure that Tribal rights and environmental regulations are preserved. 

If cleaner fuels are preferred and demanded, then we must make the process more efficient to do so -- while fully meeting all environmental laws.

Posted June 2016