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  • PUD Earns 2021 ENERGY STAR Award for Excellence

    For the second year in a row, PUD recognized for promotion of energy-efficiency products

    Snohomish County PUD is proud to announce that it has received the 2021 ENERGY STAR Award for Excellence for promotional efforts in expanding energy-efficiency outreach and delivering 35,000 free ENERGY STAR-certified energy-efficiency bundles to customer households, resulting in over 4.3 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) saved.

    “Energy efficiency and conservation are a key part of the PUD’s commitment to serve our customers with clean and affordable energy,” said Pam Baley, PUD Assistant General Manager of Customer & Energy Services. “This award is an honor and a reflection of the hard work of our employees to reach customers in effective and unique ways during a challenging year.”

    This is the second year in a row the PUD has been honored by ENERGY STAR for its energy efficiency efforts. The PUD has been helping customers make their homes and businesses more energy efficient for more than 40 years.

    In 2020, the PUD focused its efforts on helping customers lower their energy usage and bills as they dealt with significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Key accomplishments include:

    • Reduced overall energy needs by more than 53 million kilowatt-hours (kWh), saving customers approximately $5 million.
    • Provided more than 4,000 EKITs, consisting mainly of LEDs to welcome customers new the PUD’s income-qualified discount program. These EKITs resulted in customers saving almost 200,000 kWh.
    • Offered three distinct bundles of energy-efficiency products to local businesses highly impacted by the pandemic, including commercial kitchens, retail establishments and office spaces. Business customers claimed 822 bundles for a savings of almost 2 million kWh.
    • Updated ENERGY STAR clothes washer offer to $50 Smart Reward and simplified qualifications, making the process easier and more appealing for sales associates to promote.
    • Sold more than 250 ENERGY STAR-certified heat pump water heaters during a five-week limited time offer, surpassing the previous year’s promotion by 412%.
    • Conducted a Spring Smart Rewards sweepstakes to draw customers to the PUD’s Smart Rewards site, which features ENERGY STAR products, that resulted in more than 3,800 customer entries, an increase of 135% over 2019.

    “ENERGY STAR award-winning partners are showing the world that delivering real climate solutions makes good business sense and promotes job growth,” said Michael S. Regan, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator.

    ENERGY STAR Excellence awards are given to companies and organizations in recognition of important contributions to energy efficiency. For a complete list of 2021 winners and more information about ENERGY STAR’s awards program, visit

    The PUD is partnering with manufacturers to provide a combined limited-time offer on Google Nest and ecobee smart thermostats for its customers through April 22. The offer includes manufacturer price discounts and PUD instant rebates on three smart thermostat models: Google Nest’s Snow and Charcoal thermostats and ecobee’s smart thermostat with voice control. All three products can be found on the PUD Marketplace at

    For more information, contact Aaron Swaney at 425-783-1776.

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