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  • PUD Offers Tips to Save Energy, Protect Pipes in Cold Weather

    With colder temperatures on the way, higher bills, power outages and broken pipes are a possibility

    The National Weather Service is forecasting significantly colder temperatures across the Puget Sound region this week. Snohomish County PUD encourages customers to prepare now to prevent frozen water pipes and conserve energy to keep bills low.

    Remember, the greater the difference between the outside temperature and your thermostat setting, the more energy you’ll use – even if you never raise the thermostat temperature setting. The PUD recommends setting your thermostat at 68⁰ when you’re home and awake and 55⁰ when you’re away or asleep. Here are other tips to conserve energy during cold weather:

    • Practice zone heating and lighting by heating only occupied rooms and turning off lights in rooms not being used.
    • Open shades on south-facing windows during the day to use the natural warmth of the sun to warm rooms and give furnaces a break.
    • Wash laundry in cold water to save almost 90% of the energy needed to run a normal load on hot. 

    As temperatures plunge below freezing, frozen pipes can be an expensive inconvenience. The PUD, which delivers water to more than 21,000 customers, recommends taking the following precautions to prevent frozen water pipes:

    • Never leave a garden hose attached to the faucet in freezing weather. Disconnect and drain hoses.
    • Insulate backflow devices and outside faucets with newspaper, rags or other insulating material. Cover with plastic and secure with string or wire.
    • Let cold water drip from the faucet served by exposed pipes.
    • Locate the main shutoff valve to your home and make sure to show household members how to turn off water to the house in case of an emergency.
    • For more tips, click here.

    The upcoming forecast is also warning of possible snow showers later in the week. Significant snow accumulation can result in power outages, so PUD customers should be prepared in case they lose power. The PUD encourages customers to have a supply of non-perishable food and water available. Also keep cell phones charged and bookmark the PUD’s Outage Map at For an emergency preparedness kit list, click here.

    If you lose power, report your outage to 425-783-1001 or on the PUD’s Outage Map.

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