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Press Releases

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  • Regional Utilities Collaborate on Future of Electrification

    Press Release from Pacific Northwest Utility Transportation Electrification Collaborative

    The Pacific Northwest Utility Transportation Electrification Collaborative, a group of northwest utilities, today released a comprehensive study aimed at better understanding the economic, environmental and other regional benefits related to the electrification of transportation. The Study was a joint effort by Avista, Chelan County Public Utility District, Puget Sound Energy, Seattle City Light, Snohomish County Public Utility District and Tacoma Power.

    This collaborative group is focused on working together to share knowledge across the utilities and develop opportunities to actively support transportation electrification in a way that best serves their customers and the region. The study has been a significant first step in this effort. A key area of focus was assessing how customers throughout the region could benefit from greater electric vehicle adoption. As the transportation sector electrifies, the study notes, the overall expenditures on energy across the transportation and utility sectors decreases and carbon emissions are reduced in the region.  For more on the study, click here.

    The PNW Transportation Collaborative is a group of load-serving northwest utilities that meets regularly to evaluate key trends in transportation electrification, share program experience among the group, examine emerging issues, assess customer insights, explore potential new customer programs, build partnerships and consider policy issues. Collaboration among the utilities will help optimize long term benefits to customers and create a cohesive regional approach. The group also works regularly with utilities in California and across the country, as well as non-profits and other organizations advancing transportation electrification.  As an indication of the Collaborative’s efforts see attached summary of programs and initiatives conducted or under consideration by the Collaborative’s members.

    George Pohndorf, Snohomish County PUD,, 425-320-9350
    Ben Farrow, Puget Sound Energy,, 425-456-2541
    Note: Full study available upon request.

  • Safety Law Expanded to Protect Utility Workers

    This month, a state law was expanded to provide more protection to utility workers, such as crews from Snohomish County PUD.

    “The law now requires drivers to move over a lane or slow down for emergency vehicles, including our utility crews, when they’re stopped on the side of the road,” said PUD Senior Safety Manager Rob McManis.

    The emergency zone is the 200-foot area before and after any parked vehicle with its lights on. PUD crew workers often work on the side of the roadway in hazardous conditions. Though they have flaggers to direct traffic, some like servicemen don’t always have a flagger and need extra protection.

    State lawmakers stressed the importance of extending the law to protect utilities working on roadsides. Drivers who fail to obey the law could be fined up to $1,000 or face possible jail time.

    The original “Move Over Law,” which applied to first responders, tow truck drivers and law enforcement vehicles, went into effect in Washington state in 2010.

  • PUD Reminder: Smart Garden Planting Reduces Outages

    Trees and brush brighten our communities, but when they grow into power lines they become a key cause of power outages. Many of these issues can be avoided with better planning in your garden. 

    If you’re planting trees and shrubs around your home this spring – and it’s an area near power lines – consider smaller varieties that mature at 25 feet or less. Rather than an oak tree or a sequoia, pick out a smaller option that is both manageable and attractive, such as a Japanese maple, serviceberry or a flowering cherry.

    Also, consider drought tolerant plants, which reduce your yard’s watering needs during the drier summer months. There are many options, including the Western sword fern, Oregon grape and Evergreen huckleberries. These plants are easy to care for and offer color during the warm summer months.

    For other tips about plants around the best plants for your yard and utility electrical equipment, click here to check out the PUD Tree Book.

  • Snohomish PUD System Improvements to Enhance Reliability

    This year, the PUD continues to make a series of electrical system improvements to help ensure it maintains the highest levels of reliability for its customers. Throughout the PUD service area, about 600 aging poles will be replaced, and more than 10,000 poles will be assessed and treated for maintenance. An additional 30 to 40 miles of underground line will be replaced.

    The PUD also will start construction of two new substations. A new facility adjacent to the Lynnwood Transit Center will accommodate expanded Sound Transit light rail service and high-density commercial and residential development. Another substation, on the north Everett waterfront, will meet growing needs as the Port of Everett moves forward on commercial, recreational and residential development plans.

    PUD crews also will finish a multi-year project to upgrade the Beverly Park Substation in South Everett, which includes installation of the utility’s largest transformer and reconfiguration of transmission lines. Additional substation upgrades and transmission system improvements will take place in South Everett, East Arlington and Oso.

    Snohomish County remains one of the fastest growing counties in the Pacific Northwest. The PUD is keenly focused on meeting growing needs and ensuring reliability for customers.

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