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Press Releases

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  • Businesses Should Act Now to Receive Free Energy-Saving Bundle

    PUD offering free bundles to help local businesses lower energy bills during pandemic

    Snohomish PUD business customers with one or more facilities in the utility’s territory should act quickly to receive a free energy-saving bundle for each business location they operate in Snohomish County.

    Last fall, the PUD began offering three distinct bundles of energy-efficiency products for local businesses. Each bundle targeted a separate segment of customers who were highly impacted by the pandemic: restaurants, retail establishments, and office spaces. Since the start of the program, business customers claimed 822 free bundles, resulting in almost 2 million kWh in savings. These efforts are ongoing so that the PUD can continue to support the business community during the COVID-19 crisis. Businesses can claim their free bundle here.

    “The PUD recognizes that local businesses are essential to the health and vibrance of our community, and we know that COVID-19 has been especially challenging for them,” said Hillary Olson, Customer and Energy Services Program Manager. “We hope that every eligible business in our service territory takes advantage of this offer, not only as a way to save money on energy bills, but also as a way for the PUD to express our appreciation for the services these businesses provide to our community.”

    The following bundles are available to PUD customers in Snohomish County and Camano Island:

    Bundle 1

    • 12 60-watt equivalent LED bulbs
    • 6 filament candle LED bulbs
    • 2 two-pack LED exit signs
    • 1 pre-rinse spray valve
    • 2 bathroom faucet aerators
    • 1 kitchen faucet aerator

    Bundle 2

    • 6 60-watt equivalent LED bulbs
    • 12 BR30 LED bulbs
    • 2 two-pack LED exit signs
    • 1 Advanced PowerStrip with motion sensor
    • 2 bathroom faucet aerators

    Bundle 3

    • 6 60-watt equivalent LED bulbs
    • 6 BR30 LED bulbs
    • 2 two-pack LED exit signs
    • 1 Advanced PowerStrip with motion sensor
    • 1 LED desk lamp
    • 2 bathroom faucet aerators

    Eligible businesses should click here to claim their bundle today. More information about the program is available here.

  • SnoPUD Offers ‘Free’ Charging for New EV Owners

    Customers who recently purchased or leased an EV are eligible for a $400 account credit

    The electricity that Snohomish County PUD delivers to vehicles in Snohomish County and Camano Island is already nearly carbon-free. Now, thanks to a new offer, it can also be cost-free for select customers.

    Starting today, the PUD is offering a $400 account credit for customers to charge a newly purchased or leased plug-in or plug-in electric/hybrid vehicle. To be eligible, owners must be registered with the Department of Licensing at a residence receiving electric service from the PUD and have purchased or leased their vehicle after Jan. 1, 2021.

    “Offering our customers a chance to charge their new EVs free provides another incentive to switch from a vehicle powered by an internal combustion engine to a clean electric vehicle,” said Shelley Pattison, PUD EV Engagement Manager. “It also serves as a reminder that charging an EV can be done conveniently and economically at home.”

    Customers who apply will see the credit applied to their PUD account as a non-refundable credit. The incentive is intended to offset the cost of charging an electric vehicle at a customer’s home.

    To apply, customers can complete the application available here. Applications must include a copy of the auto sales or lease contract and a DOL vehicle registration, and be emailed to within 90 days of lease or purchase.

    The PUD also offers customers up to a $500 reward for the purchase and installation of qualifying Level 2 Energy Star EV chargers in their homes. For more, visit

    Electric vehicles charged in the PUD’s service area run on some of the cleanest power in the nation. Most of the PUD’s energy is generated by renewable hydropower, and over the past five years, more than 90% of the PUD’s fuel mix has come from clean resources such as hydropower, wind and solar.

    For more information and mailing instructions, visit our website or call 425-783-1700. To learn more about electric vehicles, click here.

  • PUD Launches Energy Design Assistance Program for New Construction

    Program provides incentives and design assistance to help new buildings be more energy efficient

    Snohomish County PUD has launched a program to help new buildings such as medical facilities, apartments and office buildings be constructed in a manner that maximizes energy efficiency.

    The Energy Design Assistance program provides a variety of incentives and design assistance to promote energy-efficient construction of new buildings. Some of the program benefits include:

    • Performance-based incentives for highly energy-efficient buildings
    • Design team stipend
    • Potential additional incentives for all-electric buildings

    “By incentivizing energy efficiency prior to construction, we can maximize energy efficiency and cost-savings over the life of a project,” said Jeff Feinberg, Manager Energy Services. “The PUD is proud to offer this assistance so that our community can benefit from new housing, services or job centers that can keep costs lower by meeting higher standards of energy efficiency. We know that making this investment upfront, prior to construction, saves money for our customers in the long-term and helps the PUD best manage energy resources.”

    Commercial, industrial & multifamily buildings are all potentially eligible for the program. All projects must be pre-approved, and all savings will be verified by the PUD.

    Developers are encouraged to contact the program in the design development phase of the project. However, assistance may still be available into the bid stage.

    This program is provided by Willdan for Snohomish PUD. More information is available at, or by contacting or 877-938-1588

  • PUD Partners With the Washington National Guard

    Snohomish County Public Utility District is partnering with the Washington National Guard in piloting a critical infrastructure cybersecurity partnership program. This program draws on the region’s military and information technology talent to increase cybersecurity awareness in support of local government entities and county residents.

    As part of the program, the Washington National Guard will conduct a cybersecurity assessment of the PUD's information technology networks, which support critical infrastructure. The assessment is scheduled to occur in August 2020. Following the assessment, the National Guard will provide a report of findings and recommendations to the PUD, which will help it strengthen the cybersecurity of the services that its customers rely upon.

    The PUD is excited to partner with the Washington National Guard in the building of strategies to increase the cyber-resiliency of the nation.

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