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Press Releases

(Current News)

  • Snohomish PUD unveils ‘Nuts & Volts’ Awareness Campaign

    2019 Infrastructure Week is May 13-20

    Everett, WA – Snohomish County PUD crews and field workers maintain a substantial amount of equipment and infrastructure to ensure electricity is reliably delivered to homes and businesses throughout the PUD’s service territory.

    A new awareness campaign by the PUD highlights that work. The PUD launched its “Nuts & Volts” social media campaign on Monday to promote 2019 Infrastructure Week, May 13 through 20. All week, the PUD will be posting information, graphics and photos on its social media channels showcasing some of the equipment the utility maintains. From overhead to underground, examples include:

    • 10,538 miles of distribution lines
    • 98,859 transformers
    • 360,978 electric meters
    • 112,982 power poles
    • 41,669 street lights
    • 98 substations, with three more coming online later this year

    This year, the PUD plans to replace about 500 aging poles and will assess and treat more than 25,000 poles. In addition, 20 to 30 miles of aging underground cable will be replaced throughout the PUD service area this year.

    To view Snohomish County PUD’s Nuts & Volts campaign, visit Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • PUD Announces 2019 Student Art & Photo Winners

    Snohomish County PUD is excited to announce the winners in the utility’s 2019 student art and photography contests. Seventeen students representing school districts across the county were selected for their creativity illustrating topics in energy. 

    Art Contest Winners

    The art contest challenged students to create a bookmark demonstrating the theme Energizing Life in Our Communities. Twelve students won awards as follows:

    Delilah Soto Grade 1 Liberty Elementary School
    Sophia Cool Grade 4 Holy Rosary School
    Callia Park Grade 4 Forest View Elementary School
    Grade 5 Mukilteo Elementary School
    Rachel Papson Grade 5 Little Cedars Elementary School
    Iris Bell  Grade 7  Alderwood Middle School
    Shelby Lott Grade 7 Lakewood Middle School
    Grade 7 Alderwood Middle School
    Katie Anderson Grade 8 Lakewood Middle School
    Sally Schafer Grade 10 Kamiak High School
    Saige Skuja Grade 10 Glacier Peak High School
    Hannah Clymer Grade 12 Glacier Peak High School

    To see the winning art entries, click here.

    Photography Contest

    For the PUD photography contest, high school students were challenged to capture or showcase Energy in Action in a photograph. Five students won awards, as follows:

    Mia Urionaguena Grade 9 Arlington High School
    Myles Arballo Grade 10 Arlington High School
    Meghan Hayes Grade 11 Glacier Peak High School
    Skye Sullivan Grade 11 Snohomish High School
    Charlise Lucas Grade 12 Snohomish High School

    To see the winning photography entries, click here.

    Winners will be recognized at the May 21, 2019, PUD Board of Commissioners meeting. The winning art and photography entries will be on display May 13-24 in the lobby of PUD headquarters, located at 2320 California Street in Everett

  • Snohomish Co. PUD Receives National Hydro Award

    Utility’s recently completed water temperature project improves conditions for salmon, other aquatic life in the Sultan River.

    Snohomish County Public Utility District (PUD) continues to earn national praise for its efforts to protect and improve the environment. This month, the PUD was honored by the National Hydropower Association (NHA) with its annual Outstanding Stewards of America’s Waters Award. This national award recognizes the PUD’s recently completed Water Temperature Conditioning Project at Culmback Dam, designed to improve habitat for salmon and other aquatic life in the Sultan River downstream of the Spada Lake Reservoir.

    As part of its relicensing requirement for the Henry M. Jackson Hydroelectric Project, the PUD was tasked with warming the river below the dam to better reflect the river’s seasonal temperature differences. Prior to the project, water released into the Sultan River came from the base of the reservoir, which is naturally colder than water near the top. By contrast, a nearby intake tower allows water used for electricity to be drawn from near the reservoir’s surface, which is warmer.

    PUD engineers designed a 715-foot-long solution. A new pipeline now diverts some of the warmer water flowing through the intake tower and power tunnel to the base of the dam where it mixes with the cold water. The result is a steady flow of water in the Sultan River with temperatures better suited to support future fish populations.

    “These improvements will stimulate productivity, improve growth, expand distribution and add resiliency to the fish population, allowing salmon and others to thrive in the Sultan River prior to their migration to Puget Sound,” says Keith Binkley, PUD Natural Resources Manager.

    The water temperature conditioning project follows a related 2016 PUD project that reopened a six-mile stretch of the Sultan River to migratory fish. Salmon were discovered in the newly reopened stretch within weeks, proof of the project’s immediate success. The 2016 efforts also earned praise and a national award from the NHA.

    In March of this year, PUD biologists observed a healthy level of juvenile salmon making their way out of the river and toward Puget Sound, an encouraging sign the PUD’s efforts continue to have a positive environmental impact.

    Snohomish County PUD is the second largest publicly owned utility in the Pacific Northwest and the 12th largest in the nation in terms of customers served.

  • Snohomish PUD Introduces ETRs to Outage Map

    Know When Your Power Will Be Back On

    The next time power goes out, Snohomish County PUD customers will know when the lights are estimated to come on again.

    The improved PUD Outage Map now includes Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR), or an estimated time PUD crews are expected to have the power restored to a given area. When a PUD customer clicks on a segmented outage on the map, a box will display the outage’s cause, start time, how many customers are affected and the estimated time the power will be restored.

    “Adding ETRs to the Outage Map is a big win for our customers and is a credit to the hard work of our employees,” said PUD CEO/GM John Haarlow. “We know that giving customers accurate and fast outage information is key to helping them make informed decisions during an outage.”

    The PUD leveraged new technology, improved work processes and historical data to get the most accurate restoration information. Accurate ETRs allow customers to plan better and anticipate issues during outages.

    Currently, ETRs are only available during non-storm conditions. During major storms, the PUD will suspend ETRs due to the high volume of outages and unknown conditions facing PUD crews in the field. ETRs will return to the map as conditions improve.

    The PUD’s Outage Management System relies on customers reporting their outage. PUD customers can report an outage through the utility’s “Report an Outage” tool on its website or by calling 425-783-1001.

    For a video on what happens when customers report an outage, click here.

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