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Employee Spotlight News August 29, 2022

Welcome to our new line apprentices

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Welcome to our new line apprentices

These 10 individuals were selected from an initial pool of 465 applicants. To be accepted into the apprenticeship program, candidates had to pass a written test, physical test, formal interview and a climbing interview.

Out of the 465 applicants, only 37 were selected for the final climbing interview.

Is it the fastest and most proficient climbers who ultimately get the apprentice positions? Not necessarily. The climbing interview is more about testing a candidate’s ability to take direction and communicate well than it is about how fast they can climb the pole and complete the task. The selected candidates showed aptitude in their initial testing and formal interview, demonstrated the ability to listen and accept feedback, and presented a passion for the line apprenticeship opportunity, as well as a positive attitude.

The apprentices will begin their training around the second week of September.